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One of your operators in Katikati is Mark. He provides lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and clears prickle weed when it’s in season. He is equipped with Stihl for most of his equipment and Honda for his mowers. For 34 years beforehand he was a dairy farmer in Muriwai. At the end of that era he decided to go for a change and be an orchidist, so now he owns a kiwifruit block in Katikati. When he decided to look into a Crewcut lawn mowing business, he got in touch with a franchisee who was selling his business. Mark was then convinced that Crewcut was a great opportunity to go for. His goal for the business is to be sitting at around 100 lawns in his round. 


 All the free time he has is spent working in the orchard. The orchard is two hectares, so it needs plenty of upkeep. But when he can find the time, he loves to get the often unloved boat out  for a bit of fishing. Most of the skills Mark has come from his time on the farm which includes licenses for heavy machinery like trucks, excavators, and bulldozers. The challenge he has overcome with Crewcut is trying to work out the timetable for the run and trying to make it as efficient as possible. For new Crewcut franchisees his advice would be to be on time. After your job, look around to see if it’s done properly. Some guys he has worked with would mow and then just wander off, but he could see they’d missed bits here and there. Try to do a high quality job and the customer will appreciate you for it.