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  • Bethlehem
  • Ohauiti


In Bethlehem, Ohauiti and their neighbouring suburbs, Shane provides his range of backyard services to the locals. With a Honda self drive mower, Stihl weed eater & blower, and a little pair of electric hedge trimmers, he is ready to provide lawn mowing, small hedges and removing green waste. When he moved to Tauranga from Hamilton, Shane and his wife Michelle started a car valet business together and ran that for three years. It came to the point where they both wanted a more relaxed life where they didn't need to hire a group of staff, so Michelle went to accounts and Shane decided to join Crewcut. He was initially attracted to the brand for its fixed weekly fee, but also appreciated the chance to identify with a brand that looked as good as Crewcut. Now that he’s been with Crewcut for over ten years, he is happy to cruise and earn a steady income. The help he gets from his wife with the GST is the icing on the cake as well, it’s one less thing to worry about.

When he isn't working he is doing stuff for his kids. Though with his daughters off at uni and his son in school they’re very busy too. Shane also has a reasonably sized property, so he gets to work on his own backyard a fair bit. He also originally studied to get a BSC which saw him working in a commercial soil and plant test laboratory where he tested samples of dirt and grass, but now he mows grass. He knows that he has definitely improved on his people and customer management skills.

He isn’t an early starter, but thanks to being his own boss he can start late and finish later as it’s all part of his lifestyle. His advice to someone who is looking to join a franchise is to look after your gear to make it last. Over the last 12 years he has survived on only three lawn mowers. By learning when to get things serviced and fixed it will bring down the expenses on your gear. You should also know when you shouldn’t over promise a service. If you can’t handle, you can advise the customer of the rest of the Crewcut team who could help them out.