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Alastair is one of your dedicated operators in Matua, but you'll find him all over Tauranga. He provides lawn mowing, hedge trimming, tree pruning, chipping, and rental property clean ups. Fully equipped with Shindaiwa and Testarossa, there’s not much he can’t do. Before Crewcut he had a safety business for ten years selling safety gear. His circumstances changed with his wife finding a role in Wellington. So he was looking after the kids and now does this and can finish at 3pm everyday. He reckons it would be cheesy if he said it was always Crewcut, but when he saw it in the paper it turned out to be perfect timing. He chose a lawn mowing business because it gave him the freedom to finish early, especially during winter when he coaches a football team in the afternoons. During the summer time he gets Fridays off, so the freedom is key for him. He is happy to cruise in the business but would like to do a lot more hedge trimming, tree cutting and chipping work. 


In his spare time he coaches footy, but also gardening his own place. Having previously owned a business for ten years and being good with hands-on type jobs - running his Crewcut business seemed straight forward. While being with Crewcut, he’s learnt the strength of a brand. He has a mate who has a lawn mowing business, but he does it himself,  making marketing hard work. When looking to get into a business, he reckons to definitely consider a franchise. Look for the big runs, a big run where you won’t mind losing a few customers. He appreciates that Crewcut sends him the leads as well, rather than building up his own.