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A well groomed lawn is the foundation of garden or property appeal. Regular lawn mowing keeps your grass healthy and the garden looking good.

We aim to make it easy and affordable to provide a lawn mowing service on a regular weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. We will tailor a lawn care service for you that meets your requirements. Crewcut operators are the experts in lawn mowing, so make sure to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

We offer different lawn mowing cuts to suit your purposes:


This is widely used on more difficulty grass species like Kikuya. The benefits are that it leaves the grass so all the nutrients are fed back into the lawn.  It is quicker than catching so works out cheaper than catching.


Cuts and throws grass out the side of the mower.  This is untidy, but is used to cut down extremely long grass which would clog normal cutting. 


This is the most common option because it leaves a great finish. No grass is left on the lawn and clippings can be used as compost.  Catching takes a little longer to remove the cuttings, or for an extra cost we can also remove the clippings for green disposal.


We can work with you for timing and the requirements for changing seasons. Some lawns may need spraying or fertilising, maybe replanting, but we can discuss this with you as required.

We look forward to working with you and growing a fresh, healthy, well maintained lawn.


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Lawn Mowing FAQs


What happens when it rains and rains in summer ?

The ground will get soft and this will probably slow down your lawn mowing operator. However, with the abundance of moisture and heat, your lawn could grow faster - much to the frustration of you and your Crewcut operator. As frustrating as it may be, patience is key. Feel free to phone us, and we will endeavour to get an approximate time for arrival. 

If your area is well drained, then your lawn mowing operator will likely be able to keep up at a pretty regular pace. These kind of areas are predominantly in volcanic areas.
All of this also depends on on the type of equipment your lawn mowing operator is using. Many Crewcut operators use light plastic body mowers which don’t clog easily - compared to their metal-bodied-brothers. 

During the peak of summer, we recommend you get a weekly cut to keep up with the crazy lawn growth.


How often should I get the lawn mowing done?

Generally a Crewcut operator will recommend getting the lawns done once a fortnight. Getting your lawns mowed more frequently then that will mean that the grass hasn't been given enough time to grow. Leaving it longer than 2 weeks can mean that the grass grows too long, which means it will take longer to cut when your Crewcut operator returns. During the winter months when there's a lot of rain, you will only need your lawns cut every 3-4 weeks.


Can they trim the edges? 

Yes they can! All Crewcut operators should be able to trim the edges which will create a neat finish. Some include this as part of their regular cut. Be sure to ask your Crewcut operator if this service is included. 

How much will lawn mowing cost?

Lawn mowing prices vary for a number of reasons. When making a quote for your lawn, operators will take into consideration:

  • The size of the lawn

  • Obstacles that they will have to work around.

  • Length of the grass.

Crewcut takes the hassle out of your routine that means for a small fee, you can get more of your weekends and spare time back! 


How does lawn mowing work during winter?

During the winter period, your Crewcut operator will probably visit less regularly. This is because during the colder months, grass can go dormant. As well as this, extra rainfall can make the grounds go soft and cause muddy patches - making it more difficult for the mower to get through. Your Crewcut operator will keep in contact with you to let you know of the winter schedule. 


When will I first see a Crewcut operator?

Our operators aim to come to your property and quote within 48 hours. From there, they will add you into their schedule and get your property seen to as soon as possible.


Do I need to be at home when the Crewcut operator comes around?

You don’t need to be at home when the operator comes. Generally they will visit on a weekday during 8-4pm.


How can I pay them? 

Crewcut operators generally accept bank transfer, automatic payments and cash. Be sure to talk with your Crewcut operator about how they prefer to receive payments. 

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