Jono & Mike


Areas Serviced

·       Tauranga

·       Golden Sands

·       Papamoa

Services Offered

·       Lawn Mowing

·       Water Blasting

·       Section Tidying

·       Rubbish Removal

Jono and Mike are your go-to guys for top-quality lawn care in Golden Sands and Papamoa, Tauranga. Whether you need lawn mowing, water blasting, section tidying, rubbish removal, or something else, they are the team to call!

Both Jono and Mike got into lawn care after realising they worked well together. They were already good friends and flatmates, after all. Between them, they also had experience working in a refinery, printing, music, and film, but a franchise in lawn care was something altogether different.

As it fitted in with their lifestyle and goals, they jumped at the chance to become a part of a reputable and reliable brand; Crewcut. Between them, they run a Honda mower, Stihl power tools, and hire a ride-on mower as they require it.

This dynamic duo takes pride in doing a job well, and love being able to get out and about every day. They tackle many different lawn care tasks on a daily basis and work hard to grow their client base. Eventually, they would like to have a large enough client base to sustain them during the quiet months.

While they are still finding their feet, Jono and Mike are working hard to satisfy their customers’ requirements. They have also learned quickly that their business can become as small or as big as they make it.

Tired of taking care of your own lawn care? Give Jono and Mike a call. They’ll be over in a flash!


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