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Terry from Auckland

Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing

Service Areas

  • West Auckland

Terry is a Crewcut newbie who’s exceedingly focused on providing his lawn mowing services all around Massey and its immediate neighbouring areas in the West Auckland area. He now finds himself working outdoors after his stint as a store manager at a liquor store.

He learned about Crewcut being a great business that’s already established and running systematically, and that’s what made him decide to make the move around a month ago.

Terry says his goal, for now, is to build the business up while keeping existing customers satisfied. In the near future, he wants to grow his lawn mowing run big enough to be able to hire other people who can assist him in his operations.

One of the unique skills he brings into the business is that he’s highly motivated and will happily do the work. He’s been in touch with the head office a lot because he wants to maximise the support he’s getting, especially since he’s just starting to get used to working behind a mower.

His spare time is devoted to his parents and family. His advice to newcomers is to not hesitate about asking help from other franchisees or the headquarters. Being in the business longer than you do, they’re the right people to ask. They would have the experience and capacity to provide you with the information and support you need to get your business going.