Paul S.


Services Offered

  • Lawn mowing

  • Gardening

  • Tree pruning

  • Hedge trimming

Areas Covered

  • Pukekohe

  • Pakuranga



Covering from Pukekohe to Pakuranga, Paul services everything in between. He has customers in Manurewa, Papakura, Dannemora, and Howick as well. He is geared up to do pretty much anything with a few mowers including a ride on for the bigger properties, weed eaters, hedge trimmer and blowers. His services include lawn mowing, gardening, tree pruning, cutting small trees down, hedge trimming, rubbish removal and section clearing. His previous career experience includes selling voice and data solutions for 10 years. Over that time he really liked the idea of working outdoors and being his own boss. He rang a number of franchises but found with Crewcut that the information he got was a lot more informative and there was a very competitive franchise plan. Now he continues to aim for more growth to make his business just that much more successful.


His other main focus is his children by supporting them and helping them out with what they need. And as any other typical kiwi he loves watching sport. He runs the business by himself but doesn’t shy away from advice, especially when it comes from his accountant who has mentored him through the business. Paul has learnt that what you put in is what you get out of life. So while working for yourself is great, if you take shortcuts, you’ll only be cheating yourself. His advice to those looking at buying a lawn mowing business is to consult with your bank, and invest in the best equipment. You need to look for the right deal for you and you can only find out from talking to the franchises to see how their system works, Paul found Crewcut was the best for him.






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