Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Tree Pruning
  • Hedge Trimming

Areas Covered

  • Ponsonby
  • New Lynn
  • Grey Lynn
  • Westmere


Roger has been a Crewcut service provider since 2008 for Ponsonby, New Lynn, Grey Lynn, Westmere, and even the occasional one out in Hobsonville. His main services include lawn mowing, pruning trees and hedge trimming. He likes to reserve those hedge trimming jobs for his loyal customers and will carry them out in the Winter.

When it comes to his choice in tools he goes for Stihl, Rover, and Morrison. He is most loyal to his one mower he has had for 20 years, Gurty the old mower. A bit of maintenance every now and then keeps her going. Before owning his Crewcut business, he owned a bar in Tokoroa. Roger and his partner bought a house in Auckland and would travel between the two. It wasn’t until his doctor said he needed a more physical job to get healthy when he decided it was time for the change in lifestyle. Since chucking kegs wasn’t enough, the first thing to pop into mind was a lawn mowing business. He looked around and found Crewcut, he reckoned the brand looked good. He now credits this new career to keeping him alive. Without his physical work he could have become very sick. His goal with the business is to maintain a group of happy customers that can see him through his retirement.

As a publican you talk to a lot of people, so he has brought those skills to this business. He also has a lot of talent in playing pool. Back in 2010 he even won a national title for a pool tournament. His partner helps him out with his paperwork while he can focus on the communication with his customers. With around 30 of his customers being a part of his initial lawn mowing round, he is doing something right.