Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Hedge Trimming

Service Areas

  • Castor Bay

  • Glenfield

Mehdi provides mainly lawn mowing and hedge trimming to Castor Bay and Glenfield. He is geared up with Honda, Victor, Shindaiwa and Husqvarna tools to provide you with his services. He has been a part of Crewcut since he moved to New Zealand in 2010.

He wanted to find a business he could own, and Crewcut popped up for him. But before he moved to New Zealand, he was a Rescue Helicopter Pilot in Iran. Not only was he a trained pilot but also held a truck license and also went on recovery missions. Now he runs his business by himself and couldn’t be happier.

In his spare time, Mehdi enjoys his time by keeping active by going for walks and swimming. He was surprised when he first moved to New Zealand that most people had a lawn. By joining Crewcut he now gets to tend plenty in his area. He is happy with the career he has chosen and really feels like he fits in with the group.

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