Services Offered

  • Ride-on Lawn Mowing

  • Regular Lawn Mowing

  • Hedge Trimming

Service Areas

  • Papakura

  • Manurewa

Since 2013, Graham has been a top operator in Papakura and Manurewa. He provides his ride-on lawn mowing, regular lawn mowing, and hedge trimming services to his clients. His tools include brands like Walker, Grass Grub, and Honda.

For 13 years before joining Crewcut he was a warehouse manager. He came across a listing for a lawn mowing business and loved the way the business was described, so he happily joined up with Crewcut. He is now happy to carry on with his business and keep his client base as happy as can be. Graham’s partner helps with the paperwork at the end of the work so he can focus on providing the top service he can.

 Sunday is reserved for golf, he is a regular at the Windross Golf Course. It’s his end of the week treat for the hard work he puts in during the week. His advice to those who are interested in starting a lawn care business is to invest in good gear - you need equipment that is reliable and will last. You also need to manage your lawn mowing round effectively. Some guys will be all over the place one day, then they’re next day their all over the place again in the same locations. Be smarter and organise your days so you can focus on clustered locations.