David S.


Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Ride on lawn mowing

  • Small hedge trimming

Areas Covered

  • Te Atatu

  • Greater West Auckland




David services the whole of West Auckland, with most of his current clients in Te Atatu. He has been with Crewcut for over five years now and offers lawn mowing, ride on mowing and small hedge trimming and pruning. He prefers his Victa and Honda mowers and is quite handy with them with his background in mechanics. Before Crewcut, he was welding for 18 years. However, he saw a growing desire for a job change and liked the idea of being outside and being his own boss. He looked at a few other franchises but Crewcut won out with it’s finer franchise benefits. David has close to 100 lawns at the moment which he is very happy with. He has considered getting another person to help with is growing client list, but he finds it easier to keep track of everything when he works independently. 


On weekends David tries to keep them free and get out fishing. He also does some mechanical or welding work now and then. From his experience welding he became familiar with customers and clients, which helped in his Crewcut business. But starting up he didn’t find anything too challenging other than learning how to tackle some big lawns. His advice to newbies is to work hard and it will be all good, if anyone needs help or training he is happy to give them a hand. 


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