Kevin & Wendy


Services Offered

Areas Covered

  • Kamo
  • Tikipunga
  • Parua Bay
  • Whangarei


Kevin and Wendy have been providing a range of services in Whangarei for over two years now. They cover the general Whangarei area, but more specifically Kamo, Tikipunga and Parua Bay. Between them, they offer a range of services including lawn mowing, weeding, hedge trimming, maintaining properties and gardening. They have regular gardening contracts for a number of truck stops and gas stations which keeps them busy, as well as the admin mostly done by Wendy. She does computers, but not weed eaters! Before making the move to Crewcut, Kevin worked as a hydraulic hose engineer for 15 years, he was on call 24/7. Wendy worked in hospitality as a chef, so not setting an alarm clock or sleeping by a phone these days is a welcome change for both. They picked Crewcut to invest in after looking at other franchises. Crewcut just seemed better than the others. An important deciding factor was that it wasn’t area specific that bound them to one or two suburbs only. 


Spare time for this couple is spent with grandkids or at their rural home planning DIY additions of decks and gardens. Kevin also has a passion for American vehicles, and owns a GMC truck. They joke that the biggest challenge is being together 24/7 but they actually work together really well. The real challenge is relying on the weather. The first year was the hardest, especially with such a dry Northland Summer meaning some owners only wanted their lawns to be mowed every six weeks. In contrast to the Summer of 2017 where most corporate clients wanted trims every 7-9 days. However, Kevin and Wendy still managed to squeeze a short holiday in this year. Their advice to future franchisees would be to invest in quality gear. They learnt this the hard way once by buying a cheap weed eater from Mitre 10 that only lasted 3 months. Learning to maintain your quality gear will save you lots of money in the long run. Kevin and Wendy do their own blade, air filter and oil changes regularly and sharpen the mower blades ever 3-4 days. Learning to do it yourself isn’t too tricky and saves paying someone else to do it. 


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