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  • All over Whangarei




Peter has clients all over the Whangarei area. He does only lawn mowing and uses a Stihl hedge cutter, a Walker Ride on and a catcher mower. Before he joined Crewcut, Peter worked as a fisherman for 33 years. He’s now been with Crewcut for five years. Choosing Crewcut didn’t take too much thought, he was looking for work and was familiar with the brand from seeing the vehicles and workers around the city. Peter is happy to maintain his business as it is and hasn’t yet decided on any future goals. 


A seven day work week for Peter means he doesn’t have too much free time for hobbies. But he does have an interest in motorbikes and maybe one day get back into windsurfing which he has previously done for 11 years. He runs most of the business himself, but is able to get in one guy to help part time if he is too busy. Peter’s sister also lends a hand to the IT side of things. He tries to do the maintenance for mowers himself, as it is more affordable than a mechanic, but with a lack of time it can be tricky. He says to new lawn mowing franchisees, you can always build a run up, so don’t let the client numbers scare you off. A challenge for him is to 'just hang in there' when you are physically tired, just take each day one at a time.