Nigel & Ann


Services Offered

Areas Covered

  • Mangapai
  • One Tree Point
  • Ruakaka
  • Waipu & Waipu Cove
  • Langs Beach


Nigel and Ann provide lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weed spraying and even water blasting services to the coastal regions of Whangarei. They have a Club Cadet ride-on and two push mowers along with their trimming and pruning gear. Club Cadet is the current brand they use, but are still working out a brand preference. Before joining Crewcut, Nigel was a sawmill supervisor for 20 years and Ann was a cook in a busy local Cafe. Nigel was interested in Crewcut as he’d grown tired of working at the mill and felt like he needed a lifestyle change. The franchise popped up in their area and he says “all the doors opened, there was no hassle”. The area was perfect as they already lived nearby and knew the people, so there was no need to move. Goals for their business are to build up a reputation, where people see them as the professionals, that they are reliable and their service is the best around. These two run the whole business themselves, but can also call on another part timer if they get behind or there is too much work.


Free time is mostly spent running around after kids, or grandkids, as their house is quite full these days. Nigel also has an interest in speed racing and tries to keep up with most motorsports. In the sawmill, Nigel developed many skills as a trade timber machinist and prior to leaving he gained a diploma in wood manufacturing. He was also a trainer, accessor and instructor. These skills working and communicating with people have helped in their Crewcut business. Similarly, Ann also has lots of experience working with people from her cafe background, and is also an amazing cook (her caramel slice is like no other). Nigel says the biggest learning experience was the change from being handed a wage for 30 years, to going out and earning your own income. The transition was interesting, you become very committed to the business. If you don’t go to work you don’t get paid - there are no sick days! Before you jump into buying a franchise Nigel recommends to check it out to see if the lifestyle is something you want to do. There is more to it than just lawn mowing. Make sure you have good gear, and know that your customers will be the most important thing.