Services Offered

Areas Covered

  • Tikipunga
  • Whangarei
  • Central Whangarei
  • Hikurangi
  • Outer suburbs as far as Hukurenu



Graeme has been servicing Whangarei areas for over three years. Specifically Tikipunga, Hikurangi, central Whangarei and outer suburbs as far as Hukurenui. He has a ride on Hasqvarna mower and likes Masport mowers too. With these he offers lawn mowing, ride on mowing, light gardening and hedge trimming. Before joining Crewcut Graeme was a truck driver for 20 years. He chose a change of career with lawn mowing because he wanted flexible hours, something where he wasn’t having to get up in the early hours of the morning. The choice to go with a Crewcut franchise was easy as he knew someone with a franchise who spoke highly of it. Graeme has a part timer he can bring in if he gets under stress, or one of the other Crewcut members to call on on if he needs help. 


Once a month (if he’s lucky) Graeme tries to get out rock or boat fishing in the Bay of Islands, where he knows the area. He does all the his books himself so that doesn’t leave too much spare time. Aside from learning the books, Graeme already had most of the skills from doing the lawns ever since he was a kid and his work in forestry made him weary of safety. The most important things he has learnt is to simply communicate with your clients. If you get on the wrong side of someone you are always going to lose. His advice to new franchisees, try and buy in Spring when the work is all there and put something away for winter. Make sure you don’t go for cheap equipment brands, it’s worthwhile to invest in a quality brand when they will always look after you.