5 Summer Lawn Care Tips


Have you been looking over the neighbour’s fence with envy, wondering how they managed to have their lawns looking like a bowling green but yours looks like a rolling paddock? Not everyone has a backyard of which they can be proud, but that doesn’t mean you never will. You don’t have to put up with a dry lawn, or a weed-ridden lawn forever.


Regular lawn mowing, lawn care, and maintenance can be all it takes to see your grass patch in tip-top shape for summer. It can also be the difference between lawns that merely survive, or actually thrive. You can call in the experts who can take care of the arduous lawn mowing for you, or you can take note of these summer lawn care tips below! It’s time to take better care of your lawn!


Level it Out

Not everyone is blessed with a flat lawn that doesn’t threaten a rolled ankle or two every time you head out to hang up the washing. However, when you want to crank out the backyard cricket, it becomes necessary. Uneven lawns aren’t only a safety risk; they can also make lawn mowing more challenging than it needs to be. You can end up with grass cut too short in some areas but not short enough in others, and inset areas filled with water when the rain makes an unwelcome appearance.


Take care of your lawn by levelling it out. You may need expert help for this, as well as help with drainage and filling hollows with sand, compost, and topsoil.


Let it Breathe

Compacted soil can be a bit of a problem in your backyard. Worms can’t make their way through your dirt, and water and air have a bit of a battle as well. Compacted soil is caused by dirt that’s so compacted together that nothing can get through. When nothing can get through, your grass and soil are not getting the nutrients, air, and water it needs to thrive and survive.


You may think that there’s not a lot you can do about this, but you can! Fortunately, you can also do it just in time for summer fun. For a small lawn, all you need to do is buy slip-on aeration shoes and walk around your lawn. These shoes feature spikes which add space into the dirt for light, air, and water to penetrate. For larger lawns, you may like to hire a gas-powered aeration tool that can take care of it far quicker. If all else fails, chat to lawn care experts who know the ins and outs of all things grass-related!


Mower Maintenance

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dry lawn, regular lawn, or long lawns, you are going to need to maintain your mower for the task! And, considering wintry weather sees it locked up for months at a time, that time for maintenance couldn’t come soon enough! If you don’t want to waste your time fiddling around with small parts and fluids, then it’s a perfect opportunity to ask someone for lawn mowing services. Otherwise, consider these steps for mower maintenance below.


1. Overall Inspection

When you bring your mower out of hibernation, give it a quick once-over look. Clean it, tighten or replace bolts, and use rust-kill chemicals to stop rust in its tracks. If you notice any frayed connections or wires, repair these too.


2. Check the Spark Plugs

If you are about to undergo maintenance to your mower, remember to disconnect the spark plugs. If you are firing it up to use it and it doesn’t go, you may need to replace them.


3. Check the Blades

When was the last time you changed or sharpened the blades? If you can’t remember, it’s probably long overdue. Buy new blades or get an expert to sharpen the ones you have now.


4. Check or Replace the Air Filter

Air filters can get clogged up over time which can affect the mower’s performance. If you are doing your own lawn care, stay on top of these smaller details.


5.  Complete an Oil Change

If you have a four-stroke mower, you will need to change the oil at least once per year.


6. Check the Fuel

If you don’t want to run into problems with your mower not starting because of stale fuel, then start it up once a month. If you think you think you will forget, an ethanol-free gas or a fuel stabilizer may help to make starting it up after winter less of a problem.


Careful Cutting

Many people cut their lawns short over summer to avoid coming back to a meter-high paddock on their return from a holiday. However, cutting them short is doing more harm than good! Much of what your grass needs to survive is in the tip, so the less of the tip you have, the harder it is for it to survive. Instead, you end up with a dying or dry lawn that takes months to recover.


Water It

During summer, your lawns are bound to not get enough moisture. When they don’t, they can lie dormant, and you have a dry lawn of which you’re not very proud! Get that vibrant, green lawn you’ve always wanted by keeping on top of watering. Use a timed sprinkler or water your patch of lawn daily (before 10 am for the best chance of absorption). Your lawns will need around one or two inches of water per week to thrive.


If you’re time poor, with not enough hours in the day for proper lawn care and lawn mowing, then leave it to the experts! You can then come home to a freshly mown lawn that always looks at its best. Get in touch with your local Crewcut operator to make sure your lawn looks great this summer.

Zach White