9 Reasons to Get Your Lawns Mowed by a Franchise


If you love your lawn, you either need to roll up your sleeves and start that mower yourself, or you'll need to find someone awesome to do it for you. You might really love taking care of your lawn, but there's no doubt there's lots to do.  It will need mowing, fertilising, fixing, pruning and trimming - and if you don't love it or you just don't have the time, it's a serious chore.

If you'd prefer someone else got dirty instead, you'll need to pick a business that can be trusted with the important task of loving your lawn and garden even more than you do.  You'll need to pick the best lawn mowing business you can find. But who?

Franchise or independent - How to decide?

When it comes to picking a lawn mowing business, you'll discover that there are two main options.  There are independent operators, and those who are part of a bigger franchise model. It's perhaps no surprise that, here at Crewcut, we believe passionately that a franchise business is a much wiser pick by the discerning customer.

So let's explore why we think, as a customer, you should pick a franchise lawn mowing business over an independent operator:


1. Business practices

When you call a lawn mowing franchise, you know you're dealing with a trusted brand. To start operating a franchise model in the first place, a company needs to have a solid business and a reputable brand.  It means that from the minute they rock up at your place, you know they know what they're doing - charging prices that are sustainable and operating with practices that are tried and tested.


2. Training

A major point of difference between a franchise and an independent operator is the training they've received. In short, the independent guy might not have received any training at all!  But a franchise business can rely on a structure that gives not only training but round the clock practical advice, so you know the person mowing your lawns knows what they're doing.


3. Safety

When you choose an independent lawn mowing business, are you really sure your property and your family are safe?

Because the franchise operator is running under a bigger umbrella, you can be sure they are fully up to speed with those health and safety codes.  It keeps not just the operator but also your property and family safe and sound at all times.


4. Public liability

When that independent lawn mowing guy arrives at your place, are you positive they have all of the right insurance policies in place to protect you?

With a franchise option, you can rest easy.  Franchises recognise that public liability is the most vital type of insurance for a business, and it means customers and their premises are completely covered.


5. Services

While an independent operator will most certainly offer mowing, you might have a little more on your mind.  And it's the franchise that will offer a range of lawn mowing services across the spectrum.

We're talking hedges, garden tidy ups, tree trimming, and even water blasting and services in commercial settings.  Whatever you need, there's a franchise guy who can offer it!


6. Peace of mind

As we discussed earlier, a franchise lawn mowing business is just the safer option from every point of view.  But how do you know that? Because you've done your homework!

Because a franchise business is based on a tried and tested model, you can research all about the company and its reputation before you make the selection, knowing that the quality service promised and the price offered will be delivered.  And if something goes wrong, you've got an option to step up your query to the next level.


7. Equipment

There are plenty of independent operators around the place who are simply scraping by.  A big reason for this is that they're all alone in the world in terms of building a reputation and getting customers.

That's not the case for your franchise guy!  They are keeping overheads low, business methods slick and always have a steady stream of customers.  It means they can afford to keep their gear perfectly up to date and maintained properly, rather than an independent operator who is struggling simply to fill the diary.


8. Service

Ok, so you may find an independent lawn mower that you really love.  But don't forget that he's basically a sole trader - meaning that when he's sick, your lawns don't get mowed!

As a franchise is part of a big network of similar businesses, when problems strike, there will always be someone else who could pick up the slack.


9. Quality

Finally, there's that all-important issue when it comes to your lawns: How good a job will be done? While it's true that there are plenty of good independent operators around, if you want a guarantee of quality, you should be looking closely at the franchises.  Why?  Because they're delivering for a brand which relies on quality and satisfaction to thrive.


The final word: Back a franchise!


Yes, you might have found a lawn mowing guy who has the oldest equipment and drives an old truck - but you love him!  The moral of the story is that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so it's up to you to do your homework and make as wise a decision as possible. And if you're lacking time for that process of due diligence, reach for the franchise option.  You won't regret your choice - and neither will your lawn!

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