Summer Lawn Mowing Advice From the Experts

With the warmer weather well and truly here, many New Zealand families have been using the old cricket set and enjoying the lawns for another successful backyard sports season. For the best chance of beating old uncle George who claims he played for the Black Caps, you are going to need your lawns to be in the best shape of their life. This process takes time, and sometimes expert help.


As most people know from first-hand experience, lawn mowing takes up a significant part of our summer months. We will probably spend around 80 hours a year doing it, even if it’s also one of the least liked chores – as voted by the American public. It’s fair to say us Kiwis will think along the same lines. That’s why many people prefer to leave such tasks in the capable hands of experts – offering more time to prepare for that coveted Christmas cricket game, and less time covered in freshly mown grass.


Another reason why many people decide to hire a lawn care expert for lawn mowing in Auckland and further afield is that they know they are not knowledgeable on how to care for grass properly. If, however, you wouldn’t mind learning a trick or two, we’ve compiled our best advice below. It doesn’t matter whether you are lawn mowing in Kapiti, Otago, or anywhere else in the country, this advice will always apply.


Less is More

The adage of “less is more” applies to many things in life, and even applies to lawn mowing and tree trimming as well. If you want your lawns to make it through a potentially hot and dry summer, then don’t mow them to within an inch of their life.


If you are going on holiday over Christmas, then you will probably think that the shorter you mow them, the more manageable they will be when you get home. Unfortunately, you are actually doing more harm than good. Aim for one-third of the grass blade every time you mow to keep them in healthy condition.


If you cut them short for your convenience, you can stunt their growth while not allowing them to survive through the big pile of clippings. By leaving them a little longer, however, their roots are healthier, enabling them to seek deeper in the ground for more water to keep them alive. You may have to battle through lawn mowing more often (unlike winter), but your gardens will look better for it.



Sharpen Up

If you prefer to take care of the lawn mowing services yourself, instead of letting experts take care of the hard work, then there’s something you need to know before you haul the mower out of the shed. Keep the blades sharp. Think about what happens when you try to cut a tomato with a butter knife. The tomato flattens, squishes, and you end up with a mashed-up mess. The same can happen when you’re lawnmowing in Christchurch or anywhere with normally luscious lawns.


As soon as that blade hits the grass, it shreds and mashes it, leaving a poor quality cut every time. It also leaves room for diseases to take up residence, potentially ruining your lawn for good. If your mower has been sitting dormant for some months, it might be time to give it a service or call in a lawn mowing expert to take care of business.


The Science of Watering

If you’re lawn mowing in Nelson, Otago, Hawkes Bay, or anywhere else that’s prone to dry spells over summer, then you will be familiar with watering your lawn. If you’re not one to let it sit dry and half-dead, and you don’t live somewhere with water restrictions in place, then it will also be a regular part of your routine as lawn mowing is. However, do you know whether you’re doing it right?


The best summer lawn advice we can offer for your lawn mowing needs is the best time to water your lawns and why. If you want to give them a fighting chance of survival, aim to water them before 10am – before the intense sun kicks in and burns everything and everyone to a crisp. Watering at this time gives your lawn the opportunity to absorb that water into its roots, instead of having it rudely evaporated and taken away by the sun.


 If you’re more interested in playing backyard swing ball and cricket rather than mowing your lawns and maintaining them, then that’s okay too. You can disregard all the advice above and leave lawncare to an expert who can make your grounds looking stunning year-round. Did you know they can take care of your gardens and trees too? Get back to doing more of what you love!


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Emily Fly