What To Do With A Dry Lawn




Ahh the famed Kiwi Summer. Days out playing backyard cricket, wearing jandals and gathering around the BBQ. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, you gaze out and notice the lawn is slowly drying out and getting brown! It’s the last thing you want, when you’re spending time out in the sun - but fear not it can be fixed!



Here are some tips to help prevent your lawn from drying out even further. 


  • Continue to cut it, but don’t cut it too short
    When you cut your lawn too short, it hinders the grass’ ability to produce energy for growth. However if you leave it a little bit longer, the grass will have a better chance of growing thicker and stronger roots which will keep it lasting better, even in extreme climates. Our Crewcut operators know the perfect height at which to cut your lawn, just be sure to check with them when they next come over. 

  • Time it right with the watering
    Often when people see their lawn drying out, they think the best thing to do is to saturate the lawn in water every day. This can be very risky. Instead, do a deep soak of the lawn a few times a week. Make sure to do this in the evening as it will give the water time to soak the roots - instead of evaporating during the day. 

  • Be careful with the fertiliser
    While a bit of fertiliser can help with the lawn growth, make sure not to be too heavy handed. This can often burn the lawn.

    With all these things in mind - we know how difficult it can be to keep the lawn looking its best. Trust us, we have over 25 years experience. If you're thinking you need a little bit extra help, be sure to contact the friendly Crewcut team - we can offer advice or extra garden services. 

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