FFFF-For Autumn

Jam jars with plum jam

Here’s some Fs with the change of seasons: think fruit, flying insects, fungus and fertiliser.  No, its not that easy to remember is it? But good advice for this time of year! Remove old flowers to make room for autumn and winter bloomers and this weather is still warm enough to get some bulbs in now. Simply place them with a handful of rich compost in sunny open positions.
Once your fruit trees are fully harvested, nows the best time to spray while the weather is still warm. If you haven't done so already, hang up garlic and onions to dry. The vegie patch is ready for brassica, carrots, radishes and parsnips, but be on alert for white butterflies and aphids as they will destroy young plants if left unchecked.

Fungus will present with the hot humid weather in the form of powdery mildew and rust. Remove leaves from affected plants to allow air to circulate and let in sunlight . You can also talk to the Crewcut team about sprays to use.

This is a great time of the year if you’re considering lawn planting or re-sowing by pre-fertilising now. The Crewcut team can assist with ground preparation and advise on which seed to sow.

Let us know if you’re falling behind, we can provide help in any area to keep your garden on track.

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