Hoe Hoe Hoe!

Small girl chucks up grass clippings in garden

It's a busy month as the end of another year draws close. With the warmer weather upon us it is time to consider feeding, watering and tidying up the garden for summer.

Harvest late fruiting citrus and feed fruit trees. Apply fertilizer to crops such as tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries and feed up the flower beds.

It is a good idea, and not too expensive, to install irrigation systems in your flower beds and vegetable gardens to ensure deep watering. Turn and water your compost heaps as they will dry out and dig that lovely brown compost straight into the garden (That's the hoe hoe hoe part). Mulch flower beds and around fruit trees, but take care not to lay the mulch too close to the trunk as it may burn the bark.

Lastly,  your hedges will need attention as they will take off and a timely prune now will prevent them from becoming unruly. You may also have decks or paved areas that could use water blasting and moss prevention treatments. Crewcut are happy to help with any tasks if you need us, we'll be around over the summer if you need things done while you're away.

Merry Christmas from Crewcut!

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