Your garden goldmine


Potential home buyers make their first impression on your property from the ‘curb appeal’.

Investing in your front and back yard are some of the most overlooked areas when coming to sell your home. Many go for updating the kitchen and bathroom - which of course add value, but the beloved garden brings the greatest lasting value. In the Husqvarna Global Garden Report 2011, around 5,000 homeowners, valuers and real estate agents from nine different countries discussed how a good garden can dramatically increase house values and sale time. 

Tidy and well planned gardens not only help speed up sale time by a matter of months but they can also add a whopping 16% to the value of a property. Director of Napier valuation firm My Valuer, Andrew White mentioned “Properties often sell within the first ten seconds of viewing, so first impressions are what count.”

Andrew goes on, “Six years ago I valued a property in Hawke’s Bay where the owners were hoping to achieve a $250,000 sale price. They were offered $220,000 but declined, instead opting to invest a further $500 into planting and making the outside more attractive. Within a week they sold their home for $255,000.”

Some obvious things to get done outside include: mowing the lawn, getting rid of weeds and planting some instant colour. However, gardening expert Lee Ann Bramwell shares some less obvious but clever tips for making your garden shine at the open home. 

  1. If you have a driveway, line it with trees. It translates to status and wealth.
  2. Consider a ‘social garden’. This implies a space that you can spend with family and friends. A patio with shrubbery or shady trees with chairs and a table are the perfect ingredients for a backyard barbie and drinks.
  3. A walled garden makes the buyer feel like they are in a safe and intimate area. You don’t have to create the traditional wall, instead use shrubbery, hedges, picket fence or plants in tubs. 
  4. The ‘Grown at home’ movement is becoming fashionable, as people are growing their own fruit and veggie patches. If you have space in your back garden this is definitely a small and effective thing you can create which will make your property memorable.

The Global Garden Report estimates that the average return from your garden investment is 3.1 times the amount of money invested. 

Crewcut understands the value of gardens which is why we spend so much time in them. If you need help getting your garden spick and span, give us a call. We do lawns, hedges, trees, water-blasting, and section tidies. You never know how much money we could make you in the long run!

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