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Be found on Google with a Crewcut business

It’s likely that whenever you’ve wanted a service - you’ve opened up your computer or phone and punched in your query to google. Need a plumber? Google it. Need some new material for your deck? Google it. Need a lawn mowing service? Google it. 

While word of mouth and referrals are still massive contenders for marketing strategies - this can’t be your only fall back. A few decades ago, you could advertise your lawn mowing business with more simple methods like flyers, newspaper adverts, local directories and notice boards. These were effective then, but they aren’t so much anymore.
Your potential customers are now on their phones and the internet 24/7. When they need a product or service - they aren’t going to check the yellow pages, but they will do a search on google. It takes the hassle out of searching and makes the job of finding a service a lot easier. 

Of all the countless lawn mowing businesses out there in New Zealand, we know of about 200 - and this is a very low number. There are PLENTY of them, most likely closer to 1,000. However, many of these lawn mowing businesses are invisible online. How will these companies grow into the future without a presence online?

The demand for lawn and garden services

There's a huge demand for lawn and garden services online - and not many lawn mowing companies know how to reach these searchers. Here are some stats on some of the common queries for lawn and garden services in New Zealand:

  • ‘Lawn mowing’ 800 monthly searches

  • ‘Lawn mowing Auckland’ 400 monthly searches

  • ‘Lawn mowing Hamilton’ 200 monthly searches

For lawn mowing search phrases there are close to 6,000 monthly searches.

And for gardening, hedge trimming & tree trimming, this is even greater at 8,500 monthly searches.

These are huge figures! It shows that your audience is truly looking for the services online, and you can market to them.
But getting to these top spots on google is not easy. In fact, if you’re out on the job looking after lawns and gardens - it’s unlikely you’ll have time to manage a website as well. Even if you have someone at home who could possibly help out, they will need to have knowledge in SEO, Google adwords, social media and a myriad of other different digital marketing techniques.


Read more about lawn mowing franchises:

So again, why would buying a Crewcut franchise help you be found on Google?

The benefit of joining a franchise like Crewcut is that you have a dedicated team of digital marketers who are getting you and the brand out there to your potential customers. In fact, the Crewcut digital team are currently working on a national franchise directory dedicated to each and every one of our franchisees. This means that every Crewcut franchisee will get their own webpage with a photo, bio, areas they cover and more. Joining the Crewcut group also means you'll be getting a set of other digital online accounts created and managed for you - so you don't have to lift a finger!

With Crewcut, we have a very competitive team that use many online tools to get the Crewcut website to the top of google for many search phrases. This can be the difference between you getting the lawn mowing quote and someone else. 


If you're interested in owning a lawn mowing business of your own, consider Crewcut - we put you first.

Contact us on 0800 800 286 to receive an in-depth information pack. 

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Benefits of a Crewcut Business

There are many benefits of owning a Crewcut lawn mowing business. Hear what some of our franchisees have to say about their business success with Crewcut. 


So what are some of the benefits with owning a Crewcut lawn mowing franchise?

Garth: Benefits of the business are, there's plenty of work. The more work I want, the more work I can get. Crewcut Rotorua, or I guess Crewcut anywhere I guess has a really good name. So I can get as much work as I want.


What kind of support do you get from your regional manager and head office? 

Allan: The support we get is actually really good. There are times when you do get a little bit stressed out, especially when you do fall behind. They're good to go to and talk to and get reassurance that everything is running as it should do. 


What makes a franchise lawn mowing system appealing?

Ian: These guys, they ring you up everyday with a new lead, or three or four. There's far more people that want to go with a big national body and won't go near an independent. 

Garth: People more and more now know that they can trust a franchise. You pull up in your vehicle, you've got your name, you've got Crewcut - people like that

Ian: No overdrafts with Crewcut. You haven't got big expenses every month of buying a product and reselling it. 


What sold you on buying a Crewcut lawn mowing franchise? 

Allan: The main selling point of Crewcut for us was the marketing where we don't have to go out and drum up new business. I am terrible at that sort of thing - so to have somebody else do that for us has been the biggest draw card. I wouldn't have looked at the business if it was left up to me to do the marketing - it just wouldn't have worked. 

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Business Spotlight - Keith

Keith enjoys running his lawn mowing franchise in the gorgeous Katikati area, just on the outskirts of Tauranga. His ride-on work provides him with plenty of income so he can enjoy his orchard.


Here is the full interview with Keith below


Hi Keith, let's introduce yourself!

Well the introduction to Keith Payne. Crewcut's ride on lawn mowing franchise for the Katikati area. 


What is your favourite part about your day as a lawn mowing business owner?

I just love getting on my big john deer. It is just such a fun thing, it's sort of not like going and having fun every day. 

What is the best part about buying a Crewcut franchise?

The best thing about me buying a Crewcut franchise would be control over my day. It's not a full time role, the business is maybe 2 days a week. But it doesn't necessarily all happen in within 2 days. It gives me time to do the other things in life like helping my wife run her business and looking after the orchard.


What have you learnt since buying a Crewcut franchise?

Since buying the Crewcut franchise, the things I've learnt would be, I guess from a practical perspective is being very organised with my diary. If you don't turn up on time, the clients will phone you, and say 'Keith are you coming to mow my lawns today?' And so you need to be organised and communicate with your clients on a regular basis - that's really important. Keep them up to date and in the loop. 


What are some of the positives in the franchise system? 

The positives with the franchise system, I suggest, would be number 1 the feeling that you have somebody behind you - the backup. I love the franchise meetings - they're fantastic. It's great to get along and have a chat to other franchise owners and we can have a moan about the weather and talk about problems we have. Those would be the biggest pluses


What did you like about the look of the Crewcut franchise?

I like the shall we say - the shop front. I like the look of it, the corporate look. There's an organised, professional look about it. So that helped. It was a franchise that became available, and I was very happy with what I saw. 


What do you like most about your new role as a lawn mowing business owner with Crewcut?

The Crewcut franchise is a very good move from a stress level point of view. It's very good physically, from a health perspective, and I quite like it. At my age, I don't want to be sitting at a desk. I love being out doing things. I love being out in the fresh air. And the fact that it's 2 or 3 days a week, and 3 days would probably be ideal - I see that as the perfect role for ending my working career. 

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Business Spotlight - Don & Sue

Don & Sue from the sunny Tauranga region bought their franchise as a way to earn good income but still have time for their family and hobbies. They now run a successful lawn mowing business and own their own orchard. 


You can read below what they had to say about their lawn mowing business in Tauranga


So what were you doing before Crewcut that drew you towards buying a Crewcut lawn mowing business? 

Sue: Before Crewcut, we actually moved to the Bay of Plenty in 2003. Prior to that, we were actually in farming and agricultural research backgrounds. When we moved up here, we bought a 10 acre orchard, where we have limes, avocados and tamarillos. We actually retired for a year, but became a little bit bored. There wasn't quite enough on the orchard to keep us busy. So we looked around for another small business and Crewcut was something that fitted us well. Cos we didn't want retail, we didn't want staff again - and we wanted a little bit of flexibility, as in not full-time job. So with Crewcut you've got the ability to be flexible. You can work as many days as you like by building up lawns, or if you build up too many, you can sell them to other franchisees. Yes the outdoor and physicality of it really appealed. 

Don: Saves you going to the gym

Sue: Absolutely!


So what does your regular day look like? 

Sue: We jump out of bed, feeling like a box of fluffies, and probably leave here about 7 in the morning. We try to get done earlier in the day. Some of our days - as the grass grows longer, become longer. We usually try to be home by 5, but the growing that we've had over the last couple of summers - it's been a little bit later than that. 


So how do you work together as a couple in your lawn mowing business?

Sue: Yeah we work together. We have a ride on mower and push mowers and it depends on the property as to who does what. We both share the work. Don because he's older than me, does more ride on than I do (laughs).

Don: That's very uncalled for. In fact, a husband and wife team's a very good team. It works well. You can bounce off one another and the day goes quickly. 

Sue: Yeah.