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Could you run a lawn mowing business?

Owning a lawn mowing business in this day and age is far different to what it was 20 years ago. With stricter rules, more legal liability, and a demand for quality, starting something from scratch can be extremely difficult. However a lawn mowing brand like Crewcut has been in business and continued to grow for over 25 years. We have a recognised brand and a solid support system to back you up. 



Success Stories

We've helped thousands of Kiwis to realise their dream of owning and running their own business. Here are a sample of stories from the everyday 'can-do' Crew. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What marketing is available?
Without marketing, how will your customers find you? One of the huge benefits you'll find with joining a NZ franchise is all the regionalise and national marketing you'll receive. Crewcut operates with a huge marketing scheme to provide strategically and creatively successful campaigns. 

What are the franchise fees?
Franchise fees are a low weekly cost to pay for your marketing and other things. It's important to note that Crewcut does not charge you lead fees for customers like some other lawn mowing businesses can do.

What kind of hours can I expect to do?
Again, how many hours or days you work is completely up to you. You aren't employed by anyone, so you set the rules on your hours of work. Most of our operators don't have a solid schedule as it can be changed by the weather. 

What is included in my training?
During your training you will be offered top quality advice, tips, and knowledge on how to run your lawn care business effectively. The standard training period is two weeks, and you will be mentored by an experienced Crewcut operators who will train you in a wide range of jobs including the running and maintenance of your equipment. 

What support do I get from head office?
Aside from ongoing marketing, you will also receive customer leads, uniforms, some invoicing just to name some of what you'll get. Of course, most of your support will come from your regional manager. 

What support can I get from a regional manager?
Your regional manager is like your direct point of contact with head office. Their role is to make sure all franchisees in their area are well looked after and have plenty of customers. They will also be in charge of your training and on-going support. They will represent you at bi-annual meetings with other regional managers as well. Anything you could possibly want to know or learn, you will get from your regional manager. 

What services will I need to do? 
Crewcut is known as the 'lawn and garden crew'. While lawn mowing will be your bread and butter, you should also provide a variety of gardening services to supplement your income. Some of the other services we offer include garden waste removal, garden bags, section tidies, tree trimming, hedge trimming and minor gardening. 

How do I finance a franchise?
We have an exclusive finance plan to make it easy for you to pay for your new business venture. Contact us to find out about your eligibility.