Why you should hire a lawn mowing professional

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The end of summer is nearing and scorching hot days are now replaced with muggy, humid, tropical weather. Not so good for you, but great for your lawns and gardens which are thriving. However, it’s hard to keep up the lawn maintenance when any free time you have; it’s either raining, or you’ve succumbed to the humidity and fallen asleep.

It may be time for you to hire a professional to look after your lawns – and to keep you sane.

If you’re the one mowing lawns in the house, you know the struggle and preparation required to keep your lawns looking good. You’ve convinced yourself it’s the way to go for affordable lawn care, and it may very well be all you’ve ever known. But, when you look at it this way, DIY lawns firstly involves investigating for hours the best type of mower to purchase. Then figuring out and purchasing what else you need - weed eaters, clippers, regular blade sharpening and a whole lot more you come across on ventures in the garden. Grandad may frown upon getting a lawn care professional rather than doing it yourself – but nowadays who has the time for it? Especially you Aucklanders who spend more time in traffic than you do at home.

Imagine, no more fearing of what that clanging noise is coming from the mower, or wondering whether you’ve gotten too close to the rock wall and ruined the blades. You can now look at your lawn and enjoy it rather than counting down the days until it’s next trim. No more nagging, or rushing to get home and tend to the garden before guests arrive.

If you have experienced the feelings above, you should know a professional lawn mowing operator will relieve all of this. A professional will have top notch equipment, experience and is only a call away. If you still don’t believe it’s time for you to step away from the mower, you’re most likely in denial with these common excuses:

1. It’s ‘exercise’

Sweating it out doing the lawns may seem like a good idea at the time, but heading to the gym can be just as effective and will leave you without the t-shirt tan lines. A quick mow can often take longer than expected in the heat, leaving you red-faced and regretting spending so much time in the sun.

2. It’s the ‘man’ thing to do

Your time is precious – if you’d rather be elsewhere on a nice day do it! Rest easy, You shouldn’t need the excuse of having mowed the lawns to have a cold one! Put your feet up to some cricket while you watch someone else do the hard work, or better yet - get out and about on a nice day.

3. ‘It teaches my kids character’

You’ll be lucky if you can get your kids mowing lawns, and if you do it’s for a price. As always, it will be left half-done, or not quite to your standard- much as it is when they wash your car. Soon enough they’ll learn about inflation and you’ll be wondering why you ever let them have control in the first place!

4. Too pricey

As said before, the equipment alone is expensive, the upkeep and especially if you think paying your kids is the way to go, then there's always money involved. By paying a professional you’re spending that little bit extra for top quality cuts every time and peace of mind – which is well worth it.

So, have you been convinced that getting a professional may be worth it’s while? Some people simply enjoy mowing their own lawns. If that’s you, keep up the good work by all means. There is a great pride in a bit of physical labour, especially when rewarded with a beautifully manicured lawn. But if you want to save some money, time, and stress, you know what to do. Let the lawns be someone else's responsibility.


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