Seasonal Lawn Care Tips for Those in Auckland

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If you take pride in having your lawn look eerily similar to that of the bowling green down the road, then you’ll no doubt have your finger on the pulse of the best lawn care tips in Auckland. However, if you’re envious of those with perfectly manicured lawns while yours looks like a paddock, then it’s not too late. Even if your yard looks like it should be grazing stock, these seasonal lawn care tips for Aucklanders can have your greenery looking flash in no time.



Spring Lawn Care in Auckland

Spring is often the first taste of summer, and it’s a time when the grass wakes from its slumber, leaps back into life, and grows a mile a minute. Rather than let it get out of control quickly, you can use spring weather as an opportunity to prime your lawn for the warmer months ahead.

Collection of daffodils

After such an extended state of hibernation, your lawn will be hungry for growth. To support its new-found appetite and to help it grow thick and luscious, it might be time to invest in lawn fertiliser. Fertiliser that features all the essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus is going to be the best option for your spring lawn care. However, if you find one with iron sulphate and potassium, you can also help your lawn to fight off disease and moss. If you’re not sure how to give your yard the best start for spring, there are always lawn care Auckland experts who are on-hand to help.


You may also find during lawn mowing in Auckland that weeds are getting a little out of control. You can take care of the odd weed here and there with a daisy grubber or invest in a weed spray specifically for grass to take care of broadleaf weeds. Spring is even a good time to repair those patches that formed over the colder months. Merely sprinkle grass seed in the affected areas after you’ve cut your lawn short, then keep the seedbed wet while they grow.

Spring is the prime time to prepare your lawn for the scorching summer ahead, so there’s no time like the present to get your gardening hat on and get going!


Summer Lawn Care in Auckland

Hopefully, in spring, you would have taken the time to either hire lawn care Auckland experts or prepare your lawn yourself for the harsh summer conditions. Summer is a time where lawn areas can suffer, especially given the often-dry conditions and the endless entertainment that takes place over the festive season. Many a game of backyard cricket is played during the summer months, and while your family is sure to have a lot of fun, your grass isn’t.


During summer, it’s a well-known fact that when there isn’t a lot of rain, there isn’t a lot of growth. Therefore, when you do need to do some lawn mowing in Auckland, be sure to set the mower on high. You don’t want to cut your lawn to the point of killing it.

However, it’s not uncommon to see endless brown front lawns in Auckland during summer – and choosing not to water them isn’t typically going to be to your detriment. If you set your sprinkler for short bursts, you may find yourself doing more harm than good. What’s more, most well-established lawns will bounce back in Autumn once that rain sets in. In essence, your lawn may seem brown on the surface, and dead, but the root system may be alive and kicking.



Autumn Lawn Care in Auckland

Small boy playing in Autumn leaves

Autumn is your final chance to get all lawn mowing in Auckland, as well as lawn care, completed before the colder weather sets in. It’s the time where pest control, patching, weeding and feeding, all take priority in your spare time – all so that your lawn won’t suffer too dramatically in the winter months.


If you don’t feel like you’re up to the task, you can either worry about clean-up in the winter months or hire lawn care Auckland experts to take care of all the hard work for you. Whatever you choose to do, remember that you’ve got mere weeks until the early morning frosts and long rainy days set in.


To prepare for winter in autumn, it pays to invest in a slow-release fertiliser you can use in the warmer months and well into winter as well. It’s helpful to get maximum growth in the shortest space of time possible. What’s more, autumn is also the prime time to take care of daisies, dandelions, and other broadleaf weeds that take over your lawn in a matter of days.


However, the biggest problem with cooler weather is moss and fungus becoming slippery underfoot. Take action now by investing in fungus fighting products. With a bit of growing time still left, you may also like to take care of any patching jobs. Rather than have muddy holes all over your lawn, there is still time to get that critical growth to cover up the gaps.


Winter Lawn Care in Auckland

Lawn mowing in Auckland slows down during the winter months, and it’s a time when you can sit back, relax, and huddle up while you wait for spring to roll around once more. With all this time up your sleeves, however, it’s also well worth taking a sneak peek at your lawn to see how it’s faring after all your preventative measures.

If you find your lawn is battling, feeding it with high-quality lawn feed may be a good idea. A lot of the products on the market feature chicken manure which helps to promote positive bacteria in the soil. What’s more, it gives your lawn a healthy colour to carry it through the warmer months.

If you thought you saw the last of broadleaf weeds, think again. They can flourish as quickly in winter as they can in summer, but there are many control methods on the market. If you don’t have the time, there are many lawncare Auckland experts available to weed your lawns and gardens for you.


Be it summer, spring, winter, or autumn, there is always something to take care of outdoors. By taking note of these Auckland-specific lawn care tips, you may find your lawn is off to a cracking start at the beginning of each new season.

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