The NOT so marvellous mushroom


Are you battling with Mushrooms or Fungi in your garden with all the wet weather?

If you don't want them and have a problem with removal - Epsom salts are all you need!
The Epsom salts will balance the pH of your soil to help get rid of them. 


  1. Grab a 5 litre watering can and fill with water.
  2. Put 60g of Epsom salts and stir in.
  3. Pour over the affected area.

Epsom salt is safe to use and won’t burn your grass. It is a great fertiliser as it contains magnesium which helps plants absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur which are the main ingredients to a green lush lawn!

You can expect a few to pop up in your garden over the winter period - so remembering this handy tip will keep them at bay.

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