Garden Wall Solutions on a Budget


The average section size is only getting smaller, with many new builds in Auckland on pieces of land as little as 499 square metres. With such a small space to work with, it’s not uncommon to feel like every neighbour encompassing your property can see what you’re doing.

Everyone is entitled to feel like their property is their sanctuary. You should be able to relax outside, hang out your washing, and enjoy a conversation with friends without neighbours hanging on your every word. Fortunately, there are ways that you can get that sought-after privacy without breaking the bank. You can even rely on experts to lend a helping hand.

Read on to learn about the various garden wall solutions on a budget. You would be surprised at what you can now do to protect your privacy.


Supersize Those Pot Plants

Sometimes, it’s not enough to have a fully-fenced backyard. Remember, your fence backs on to other properties, and the positioning of their property may give them the perfect view into your yard.

If you have an entertainment area in your backyard you’d like to protect, then consider supersizing your pot plants. Buy tall planters that you can organise in a fencing style around your patio area.  

Fill them with plants that like to spread out and thrive throughout the year. While your plants won’t create a Fort Knox-like barrier, they can be enough of a separation to offer a touch of privacy and a beautiful dose of colour at the same time.


 Try Trellis

Trellis, an open framework of intersecting pieces of wood, is one of the most affordable privacy wall options on the market. It requires minimal DIY knowledge, doesn’t need a lot of installation help, and won’t break the bank either.

Trellis is an affordable option that you can knock up around your patio area in half a day. You can leave it looking natural with plain wood, paint it, or invest in climbing plants that will jump at the chance to take over. Before you know it, you have a beautiful garden wall that blocks off the view of neighbouring properties.


Purchase Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are becoming more and more popular with those who like to entertain on a budget. You can buy them ready-made, call upon an expert to build one for you, or you can easily craft one yourself.

You don’t need any special DIY skills to create a privacy screen from scratch. Head to your local secondhand shop and see what you can find in the way of old shutters or doors.

Buy some hinges, screws, and a tin of paint. You can then join all your panels of choice together with the hinges by using a battery-powered drill. All that’s left to do now is give it a fresh lick of paint to match your home’s exterior. ‘


 Buy Bamboo

You would be surprised at how versatile bamboo is. You can eat it, make a fishing rod out of it, or even use it to shelter your property from another as high as five storeys tall! While you don’t want to get carried away, it’s helpful to know that this affordable plant is one that can act as a fence, hedge, and privacy wall all in one.  

The type of bamboo you need can depend on how you plan on creating a privacy wall in your property. As a form of fencing, you’d likely find that Alphonse Karr, Slender Weavers, and Stripestem Fernleaf are all perfect for the job. They clump together to block the view inside and out of your property.

For balcony privacy, Stripestem Fernleaf, Black, Blue, or Temple bamboo may be worth a closer look. These climbing and running varieties can provide both privacy and a barrier against neighbouring properties.

It can be expensive to establish but pays for itself ten times over with its low maintenance approach and effectiveness at creating a garden wall solution. Plant it in slightly acidic soil, feed it chicken manure or organic lawn food, and water it to keep the soil moist. Running bamboo prefers far less water than clumping bamboo.


Faux Hedges

Don’t have time to tend to plants or build your own privacy screen? You may like to consider a faux hedge. While it looks like you’ve spent hours trimming and creating a faux hedge, you haven’t. It’s a fake plant that allows you to install it anywhere that calls for privacy.

While you may pay a little more for the privilege, it can save you from the hassle of trying to nurse a new plant from scratch - waiting months for it to finally be that privacy solution you needed.




The New Zealand population is growing at a rapid pace, which means that lifestyle dream with quarter-acre sections is becoming more out of reach by the day. While you may be stuck with a postage stamp section, that doesn’t mean it can’t be your sanctuary with full privacy and seclusion. Try out these garden wall solutions above and enjoy being able to block out the world.

Klaris Chua-Pineda