The secret magic of composting

 Two hands holding compost against blurred green background

If you’ve considered compositing as the wizardry of gardening hippies - we do hope you’d reconsider. As part of our composting mini-series, we're here to prove that composting should be a part of your regular garden and waste management. There are so many great benefits it's a wonder why more people haven't moved to the 'Composting Convoy'. 

On average, New Zealanders send about 2.5 million tonnes of waste to the landfills - or about one tonne per household. However, according to Auckland Council Waste Assessment, the normal household could compost half of the waste they create. While some waste can't be composted such as packaging, plastic and glass (which you should aim to recycle anyway) - a lot of waste you can.

Compostable items include:

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Branches and twigs

One of the great parts of composting is you can add your grass clippings to the mix when you get your lawns mowed. Your regular Crewcut operator would be more than happy to add the clippings to your compost bin as part of their service

So you may be asking: 'apart from looking like an enviro-warrior how exactly does this benefit me?'. Oh mon frere, you have plenty to learn about the magic of composting:

  • Enrich soil to produce healthier plants in the garden
    The leftover you get from compost (in either a solid mulch form or concentrated tea) is so good for your soil. It is absolutely jam-packed with nutrients which aide in plant growth and root health.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    As mentioned previously, 2.5 million tonnes of waste get sent to landfills. A vast amount of this waste is compostable, however it's now sitting in landfills not decomposing properly. All the methane produced in these landfills are toxic and are then sent into the atmosphere - not an ideal situation. 
  • Reduces the cost for rubbish collection
    By reducing how much waste goes in your council bins or bags, you may be able to put out your rubbish less often. This is a big win, and you'll encourage yourself to save even more as you get better at composting. 


If you live in Auckland you can even get a discount on your very first composting bin! Just follow the link, complete the quiz or attend a composting event and you'll receive your discount and free shipping on a selection of compost bins. 

Composting is becoming more and more popular as people realise the benefits. In the next article we’ll show you what kind of composter you are, and how to start your own compost bin. 

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