Best ways to jazz up the Christmas tree


The festive season has finally arrived, and if you’re chomping at the bit to put your Christmas tree up, you can finally let loose and get started. Even though spending hours untangling Christmas lights can provide you with time to think about how to decorate the tree, don’t you think it’s time to get a little more creative than usual?


Tinsel, baubles, and Christmas lights always look striking on any tree, but can you go one better this year? Below, you will find many quirky and fun ways to make your Christmas tree stand out from the crowd, as well as how to care for a real tree should you decide to steer away from the artificial variety.


Go Vintage

It doesn’t matter whether you have an artificial or real tree, choosing a vintage look is going to get heads turning. Instead of decorating it with baubles and tinsel, why not opt for flowers and natural-style items? Flowers, pine cones, natural wreaths and a tin bucket to house your tree in can make it look beautiful. However, the only downside to this look is that you may need to erect your tree nearer to Christmas if you use real flowers. Otherwise, they can die and look dismal instead!


Contrasting Colors

If allergies or a lack of time stops you from going down the real tree route, then why not get creative with your artificial tree? Instead of selecting a traditional green one, you can now get a range of beautiful colours. You can then select contrasting colour decorations to go on it for a contemporary and elegant style. For example, choose a white tree with black or pink ornaments, or a black tree with white or gold. Use striking colours and make your tree stand out from others.



Full Traditional

If you’re a big fan of traditional Christmas movies, then you will love looking at the big trees with all the trimmings. Some American families go all out on Christmas, with no expense spared on making sure the tree is dense with the best ornaments money can buy. If you get equally as excited about Christmas, then create the full traditional experience. Add that beautiful angel on top, use thick and bushy tinsel, and buy the most substantial baubles you can find. Go big or go home!


Theme It

Do you and your family have a hobby or passion? Then let it shine on your tree. If you’re passionate about family and your pets, then make your tree a real family affair. Cover it in photo baubles of your loved ones, and even get the pets in on the act. Instead of tinsel, you can even create your own ribbons out of colourful clothing. A themed tree is also an excellent way in which to remember those who have passed.



If you’re short on time and have a house full of pets, then putting up the Christmas tree can become more of a chore than anything else. Even if you did take time to add a range of decorations, you would find most of them on the floor in pieces after your pet realised they were there! Go down the minimalist route and decorate your tree sparingly. Omit the tinsel and instead choose a few standout decorations to go on the front of it. Four or five can be all it takes to give your tree flair but also keep it easy-care.


How to Care for a Real Christmas Tree

Many people don’t like to buy real Christmas trees because they think caring for them will be hard work. At most facilities, you have to select one, cut it down, drag it home, then spend hours vacuuming dead pine needles for most of December. However, even for all the labour, nothing beats coming home to the smell of fresh pine filling your home.


If you haven’t had a real tree but would like to, then there’s no better time than now to bring one home. Below, you will find helpful tips on how to care for your real Christmas tree. Leave your artificial one in its box until next year!


1. Place it in a stand

When you bring your new tree home, cut the trunk above the initial cut you made so it can drink water, then place it in the stand you prepared earlier.


2. Keep it away from heat

Anything that creates heat can accelerate moisture loss in your new Christmas tree. Place it away from the heat pump, fireplace, and even TVs.


3. Water it

Once you have set your tree up, water it with plain warm tap water. Add around four litres to the stand and check the water level daily. You may find that on its first day, it can consume up to eight litres of water. Keep it moist.


Whether you’re jazzing up an artificial tree or a real one, nothing spells the beginning of the festive season better than a beautiful tree taking centre stage in your home. If you are yet to put a tree up, why not consider these fun options above and try something different?

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