How to get your kids outside in the holidays


How do you keep the children entertained throughout the school holiday? Especially in winter! At a time of the year when everyone generally stays indoors - we’re saying, get them outside! The best way to boost their immunity, understanding of nature and self awareness is to get them immersed in conditions they might not normally experience.

1. Visit the Auckland Botanic Gardens

There’s an abundance of activities to do here during the school holidays, including nature challenges, kids vs. wild, Matariki mobiles and much more! And if you can't make it to the programs, children love walking around the gardens and learning about all the various plants and flowers that make this garden so full of life. Winter growth is very unique which makes it the perfect time to visit the gardens. 

2. Wilder kids.

If you’re in Wellington, your kids are going to love the Wilder Kids programme. Aimed at 5-12 year olds, your children will have a fun outdoorsy day learning about nature, creepy crawlies and how to protect everything in New Zealand’s big backyard. The programme runs every school holidays, and while winter limits outdoor time, your kids will still be learning heaps.

3. Conscious kids

Similar to the Wilder Kids programme is the Conscious kids winter group which runs in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. This happens during the second week of the holidays and is open to all ages. It’s a 100% nature based program that aims to get Kiwi kids outside and exploring whilst learning problem solving skills and environmental awareness. 

4. Mud pie delight

Of course we can’t all afford to put our kids into holiday programs, so why not utilise the mud in the back yard? Kids absolutely LOVE mud pies. Can we get any more Kiwi than loving a good pie? All you’ll need is a decently sized bucket with smooth dirt and decorative imagination. They’ll get messy and you might too (just don’t wear anything too fancy).

We at Crewcut love the outdoors, and kids especially do too. Why you should get kids in the garden highlights more reasons why the great outdoors is the best classroom your child can have. Let them enjoy the outdoors these school holidays so they can appreciate everything mother nature has to offer.

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