Why you should get kids in the garden


As we advance into a more technological age, the art of gardening is becoming more and more redundant. We notice that increasingly, people want ‘low maintenance’ instead. But having a flourishing garden with shrubs, flowers, and fruit & veg is one of the most rewarding things. Kids today spend more time indoors looking at screens then they do outside looking at nature.

Gardening is healthy and is fun for children. Not only will it help with their understanding of how things grow; but they will learn responsibility, love of nature, good nutrition, physical activity and understanding of life. There’s also a great reward if the plants flourish as they will be able to physically see what hard work can earn. 

Some simple ways to get your children interested in gardening include:

  • Giving them their own little garden space. This could even be just a few pots for them to grow their plants.
  • Use specialised, light weight equipment that children will find special to them. Not only is it a lot safer but is more unique as they feel a sense of ownership and pride.
  • Get older kids to plan the garden space and the younger ones to plant them (who doesn’t love a good mud pie!)
  • Visit public gardens for ideas and inspiration. 

Different tasks you can give your child include:

  • Digging
  • Picking flowers
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Picking vegetables when they are ready to eat
  • Replanting and potting
  • Decorating pots with paint
  • Picking off dead bulbs

You don’t have to have the greenest thumb to get your child interested in gardening. It’s all about ‘planting the seed’ (see what we did there) so that your children may grow their own healthy garden to share for future generations.