Areas Serviced

·      Waikato 

·      Hamilton

Services Offered

·      Lawn Mowing

·      Hedge Trimming

·      Tree Pruning

·      Tree Removal 


For all your lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and tree care requirements, Owen from Crewcut in the Waikato is the man to see. Owen helps anyone in need of lawn care throughout Waikato and Hamilton. Whether your lawns are out of control, you’d like a tree removed, or your hedges are unruly, you’ll be pleased you phoned Owen.

 Owen prides himself on offering a service, then seeing it through from beginning to end. He uses a range of high-quality equipment, such as Honda mowers and Hitachi power tools, making sure the outcome is everything you imagined, and more.

 Given his expertise and attention to detail, you’d be forgiven for thinking Owen is an old hand in lawn care. However, he worked in marketing and sales for four decades. Wanting to feel appreciated and work outside pointed him in the direction of Crewcut. 

 Now, he both feels appreciated and gets to work the hours he wants. The work-life balance is something that Owen loves over everything else. While he has an extensive client base to make his weeks reasonably busy, he also makes time for fishing and motorbikes. He has even travelled around the world six times, with plans in the pipelines to do it again. The nine to five working week would make such plans a challenge. 

 Even though Owen offers a full range of services, he rarely relies on anyone else. He’s a one-man band, staying active and taking care of most tasks himself. During the busy season, he sometimes brings someone on board to help. 

 Owen has learned a lot by working for Crewcut. He is now on top of how to manage his stress levels and has come to learn that lawn care is a way of life rather than a way to make a lot of money. He also appreciates the Hamilton terrain, a preference over the more challenging hills in Auckland.

 Make more time in your life for hobbies and fun and leave the lawn care to Owen. Get in touch to find out what he can do for you.