Andrew & Sanette


Areas Serviced

  • Tauranga

Services Offered 

  • Lawn Mowing

Lawn care can be just another chore to add to your list, so why not add it to someone else’s instead? Let Andrew and Sanette from Crewcut in Tauranga take care of the hard work. 

This dynamic duo travels across Tauranga with their ride-on and push mowers to take care of lawn mowing and the occasional light gardening task. They are experts at their craft and pride themselves on 100% effort for a job well done.

Both Andrew and Sanette feel their eye for detail and dependability is what has their loyal customer base coming back for more. 

While it’s clear to see they’re experts at what they do, they haven’t always been in lawn care. Before their franchise, they owned a refrigeration company. After Andrew underwent an operation, he needed work that would allow flexibility – and lawn care was the answer. 

When they aren’t helping their customers with picture-perfect lawns, they’re spending time with their family. They love to go out on the water, catch the odd fish, and hang out with the kids. 

Andrew and Sanette have had to overcome a few challenges, but they are happy with where they’re at. They also recommend that others who may like to try lawn care put in the hard work and understand that it takes consistency.

Tired of doing the hard yards yourself? It might be time to call this friendly duo and see what they can do for you.

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