Anthony and Sue


Areas Serviced

·       Hawke’s Bay


Services Offered

·       Lawn Mowing

·       Gardening

·       Tree Pruning

·       Spraying

·       Hedge Trimming


With a love for the great outdoors and a background in farming, you are going to enjoy having Anthony and Sue from Crewcut come and take care of your lawn care needs. Not only are they skilled and passionate about their job, but they understand what it takes to work outside – given their many years doing it!

 This dynamic duo covers many areas of the Hawke’s Bay, offering lawn mowing, gardening, tree pruning, spraying, and hedge trimming as their primary services. However, if you become a loyal customer of Anthony and Sue, you will be surprised at what other handy skills they have up their sleeve!

 Even though Anthony has had two knee replacements, he knows how to work hard. While he is taking care of the lawns, Sue is in the gardens, making them look as pretty as a picture. As their books fill up, however, they split the work evenly between them and achieve twice as much.

 Sue and Anthony believe working for Crewcut is an excellent option for ex-farmers like themselves. You get to remain outside, be in nature, and work flexible hours. Their goal is to grow and live comfortably, not having to worry about the less busy times like winter.

 Anthony and Sue love what they do and have turned their franchise into a successful business. However, they have advice for others who may like to do the same. They believe you should buy quality gear that will last the distance, and be prepared to work hard. They also think that being passionate about your work is paramount to do a good job and make money from it.

For all your lawn care needs in Hawke’s Bay, give this friendly pair a call. They’ll be more than happy to help.


Zach White