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We built this brand on quality and trust

We have built quite a reputation with over 20 years experience.

Our lawn mowing franchise owners are hand picked people that will do the job right.  Our franchise owners undergo extensive training in all aspects of lawn maintenance, site security, and health and safety. They have well marked vehicles, a distinctive corporate uniform, and carry photo identification.

You can count on Crewcut.


Lawn Mowing


A well groomed lawn is the foundation of garden or property appeal. Regular lawn mowing keeps your grass healthy and the garden looking good.

We aim to make it easy and affordable to provide a lawn mowing service on a regular weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. We will tailor a lawn care service for you that meets your requirements. Crewcut operators are the experts in lawn mowing, so make sure to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Crewcut professionals do the best job at the best price.


We offer different lawn cuts to suit your purposes:


This is widely used on more difficulty grass species like Kikuya. The benefits are that it leaves the grass so all the nutrients are fed back into the lawn.  It is quicker than catching so works out cheaper than catching.


This is the most common option because it leaves a great finish. No grass is left on the lawn and clippings can be used as compost.  Catching takes a little longer to remove the cuttings, or for an extra cost we can also remove the clippings for green disposal.

Side Delivery (SD)      

Cuts and throws grass out the side of the mower.  This is untidy, but is used to cut down extremely long grass which would clog normal cutting. 

Other services

We can work with you for timing and the requirements for changing seasons. Some lawns may need spraying or fertilising, maybe replanting, but we can discuss this with you as required.

We look forward to working with you and growing a fresh, healthy, well maintained lawn.



Many Kiwi homes and gardens are lined with some kind of hedging. They keep out noise, wind, intruders and add plenty of aesthetic beauty to your property. Regular hedge trimming is one of the best ways to keep your hedge looking its best.

Most people find that a 4-6 monthly hedge trim is sufficient to keep your average hedge under control. However to maintain your hedge there can be hazards with ladders and it additionally requires specialist hedge trimmer equipment. 

Crewcut has all the hedge trimming equipment which can get any unruly hedge back into line. In most cases, this work can be done safely from the ground with our extendable hedge trimming equipment. Our friendly operators will trim your hedge and take away the trimmings, leaving your property the envy of your neighbours. 

Group Deal!

 Get your neighbour's hedge or get two/three properties done at the same time, and receive a discounted rate!

Talk to your Crewcut Operator or contact us!


Tree Pruning


A healthy tree is the absolute best feature in many properties.

Trees need pruning to let in light, improve visibility or sometimes to remove damage. However, knowing where to trim is important for the health and beauty of the tree.

Plus many people endanger themselves climbing ladders or using tools they are not familiar with. Take the danger and guesswork out of tree trimming with a Crewcut professional, because we love trees too. We'll discuss the best options and proved a free quote.

Crewcut Tree Huggers 0800 800 286



These days not everyone has the time to keep their gardens looking good. Sometimes you get behind and need a little help.
Crewcut can provide a solution for your needs, be it an extra pair of hands for your seasonal garden tidy, or a year-round program of trimming, weeding, fertilising and planting, through to supplying and installing mulch - we can look after it all!
Landlords often use Crewcut to ensure their rental properties look great all the time, and many commercial property owners and occupiers put their faith in Crewcut's highly skilled, reliable gardening teams to keep their valuable investments looking sharp.

We'll bring your garden back to life!


Section Tidies

If you've been away or your rental property looks overgrown, we have good news...
We'll give you an honest, obligation free quote to bring your section back to something resembling a lawn or garden. As is always the case, when a property has been "let go" the problem can seem insurmountable, but we have the manpower and can do attitude to get most jobs done.
As always, we can provide a green-waste disposal service in the form of garden bags, or a truck with a man to load it and take some of the stress and worry out of such a large job.

Call Crewcut and free up your weekends!


Garden Bags

These days it is becoming more and more expensive to get rid of green waste from your garden.
 Unless you are lucky enough to live on a lifestyle block, or have a really good composting system, it is unlikely that you will have anywhere to put your garden rubbish.

Crewcut is committed to environmental sustainability in regards to green waste and recycling and we have the solution which is environmentally friendly and easy on your pocket.

Our MASSIVE 600 litre garden bags fit in a frame and sit quietly in the corner of your garden. They are perfect for lawn clippings, prunings, small branches, leaves, shrubs, trimmings - anything organic really.


Please note: to turn this material into compost there are certain items we cannot accept. (A full list is in our terms and conditions)

  • mixed loads of refuse and garden waste that cannot be sorted
  • tree stumps and branches more than 100mm in diameter (approx 4 inches)
  • flax and flax flower stalks, bamboo, toi toi, gorse, cabbage tree leaves
  • soil and roots heavily covered in soil
  • old compost heaps
  • stones
  • plastic, glass and metal objects
  • twine or string
  • newspaper
  • animal manure

Our standard collection is based on a 4 weekly cycle. We will supply you with a calendar which lets you know the collection week.  The best thing is you can skip a collection if your bag is empty and we will just collect it the following month. And the good news is if you have been super busy in the garden you can also arrange a mid-collection (prices vary on region) or request two bags to be delivered at your next pickup. 
Prices range from $16 but vary depending on region. 
Although our Crewcut operators are very strong, we do ask that you please do not overfill your bags as this is a health and safety issue, and we don't want our operators injured.
The easy way to dispose of green garden waste! 


Blocked gutters can lead to all sorts of damage, worst of all to your home. Water should be flowing away from the house and won't if leaves and plants collect at gutters, even those with guards.

Cleaning gutters can be dirty work and requires ladders or specialist hose fittings. Let Crewcut give you peace of mind with these regular maintenance jobs and we can even remind you when it might be due. We're happy to help!

Crewcut makes upkeep easy.


Water blasting

Over the cold, wet months, moss and mould loves to grow and paths, courtyard or deck areas can get slippery and it can damage your painted surfaces or outdoor furniture.

Crewcut will clean these areas and keep your property looking sharp. A great spring cleaning job or part of regular upkeep, landlords love Crewcut keeping their properties value. One less thing to worry about on your to-do list!

Clear your schedule with Crewcut!



Crewcut has built its reputation on mowing lawns with more than 20 years experience under our belts, we are the lawn care experts that you can trust.

From small squares of grass, to entire school and factory grounds, our residential and commercial lawn mowing technicians will do the job right first time.

Our mission is to make the acquisition of a lawn mowing service easy and stress free, we have a state of the art dispatch and client management system that ensures we provide the most efficient service possible. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling. One of our operators will be in touch to provide you with an obligation free quote for any service you are interested in.

We take care of it all!

  • Weeding
  • Weed spraying / control
  • Soil conditioning and composting
  • Hedge trimming
  • Shrub and tree pruning
  • Winter dead-heading
  • Hard landscaping in some areas (please enquire)

We understand the pressure of running a business and keeping your property to a professional standard. 

Your local Crewcut operator also has a wide range of trusted professionals for anything outside their capability.

Call us to discuss your needs on 0800 800 286