Matauri Bay/Whangaroa

After 10 years with the business, the current owners have decided to sell their Crewcut franchise in the Matauri Bay/Whangaroa areas. 95% of the work is by ride-on mower and 10% require to be caught. Northland has the longest growing season in the country with regular mowing carried out through the winter. 

Approximately 100 lawns with a gross turnover of $95,000+. This would be a good business for someone starting up, with the ability to add more lawns. More lawns are available if required.


Crewcut has a committed Regional Kerikeri office with great regional managers ready to help make your lawn & garden business a success. Crewcut is a New Zealand owned company renown for great service, excellent support and business mentoring. Full familiarisation and on-the-job training given to successful purchaser. Also included in this franchise is the Crewcut accounting system

Asking price (negotiable) - $20,000
Number of lawns - 100 approx.

The costs of lawn mowing equipment and a suitable vehicle are not part of the sale.

If you’re interested in this business or any of the other businesses for sale, be sure to download the expression of interest form below or contact us on 0800 800 286.