The health benefits of owning a lawn mowing business

Health benefits of lawn mowing business infographic

There are so many health benefits to owning your own lawn mowing business - some of them are more obvious than others. Whether it's mental or physical, most people recognise some improvements in their overall health after starting in the lawn care industry. Here are just a few of them.


Lawn mowing is great for your heart

It's pretty obvious that lawn mowing is a great form of exercise. Being out in the fresh air, going backwards and forth, pushing and pulling the mower - it’s all excellent for your cardiovascular system. Doing the constant exercise gets your heart pumping, and it's a great way to strengthen the muscle. A healthy heart means a longer & healthier life, something many of us desire.


Burn the calories. Lose weight. Look great

With all that exercise, it's inevitable that weight loss will happen. Many of our Crewcut operators reported losing a whole lot of weight after they started their lawn business. And it didn't take long either - most saw a change in the first 2 months.

On average for an 80kg person, you can easily burn upward of 300 calories an hour, which translates to a moro bar an hour. 

So cancel that gym membership and workout while you work. 


Get your steps up

We got some of our Crewcut operators to wear fitbits and track how much they walked over the course of a month (in the Autumn/Winter period). These results have been averaged out and are conservative numbers based on the time of the year, during the summer periods these steps would be a lot higher. 

Female Crewcut operator mowing lawns fast



17,000 steps on average walked a day

15-17 KM travelled by foot on average a day




Now the recommended number of steps most adults should be achieving daily is around 10,000. So these results are smashing the average out of the park (or should we say, backyard). Getting over the 10,000 recommended threshold has numerous health benefits including lowered blood pressure and better overall wellbeing. 


Feel good mentally

According to Psychology Today - the repetitive action of mowing the lawn can put your mind into a more relaxed state. Mowing lawns is a great way to give yourself the sense of job satisfaction. When you see what a lawn looks like after you've finished with, it can make you feel very accomplished. Additionally, the smell of freshly cut grass has been proven to reduce anxiety levels. The scent of grass has a calming effect which in turn helps you think with greater clarity. 

Many Crewcut business owners who previously worked in an office environment say the change to the great outdoor office was a welcome change. The fresh air, Vitamin D, and other factors contribute to them feeling better mentally. 


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