Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Landscaping

  • Section Tidying

Service Areas

  • Mangonui

  • Kerikeri

  • Paihia

  • Kawakawa  

While it was a big step to take – from being employed to self-employed – the move has paid off ten-fold for Jim from Crewcut in the Far North. Jim joined Crewcut in 2015 after struggling to find decent work. He saw an ad for Crewcut, liked the franchise arrangement compared to other lawn care companies, and took the leap.

Jim is the man to see for lawn mowing, hedge trimming, landscaping, section tidying, and more. He will even project manage painters and scaffolders if it equates to client satisfaction and a job well done. Jim services a wide area – from Kawakawa and Pahia through to Kerikeri and Maunganui. He has over 100 loyal clients, and it’s clear to see why – he’s good at what he does.

Before Jim joined Crewcut, he already had a wealth of outdoor experience behind him. He knew what it took to take care of sections, and had been a part of significant cleaning tasks in the past as well. Now, he has more than enough experience to take care of lawn mowing and much more. 

He prides himself on excellent communication and being able to go the extra mile for his valued clients. If there’s something he can’t solve himself, he appreciates having the Crewcut team behind him to lend a helping hand.

Otherwise, Jim takes care of almost every part of his business himself and enjoys the flexibility such a job entails. While it can be challenging to self-motivate, the needs of his clients are enough motivation for him to put in a significant effort every day.

If you live in the Far North and need a helping hand with lawn care, don’t be afraid to give Jim a call.

Zach White