Top Garden Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Paradise

There’s no better way to end the working week than with a catch-up with friends over dinner. For those who love to entertain, having a range of options on your property to do it properly is paramount. 

There’s nothing wrong with inviting everyone into your home and breaking bread over the dinner table. The average new home has an open plan living, dining, and kitchen area, making it more than big enough for families and friends to gather. However, what if you want to make the most of the beautiful weather? If you don’t have a well-lit outdoor entertainment area, all you’ve got is a wasted area. 

Make the most of your patios, backyards, and gardens during the day and at night by installing the best outdoor lighting. Here are some options that may appeal to you. 




Fairy Lights

One of the best garden lighting ideas is the use of fairy lights. They’re easy to install so it’s an easy D.I.Y outdoor lighting idea. They add ambience, whimsy, and light to a previously dull and poorly-lit garden. What’s more, they’re an affordable and convenient form of lighting.

In the past, you may have had to run extension cords all over your property to make it to the nearest power source. Now, many sets of fairy lights come with discrete power packs that either run on batteries or sunlight.  It’s a perfect option if you’re looking for an effortless garden that still has style.

Fairy lights are an entirely customisable option as well. You can drape them over furniture, balconies, or even hang them in trees. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colours, and don’t break the bank either. If you need a touch of charm and a spot of light in your patio area, then it might be time to go shopping for fairy lights. 


Solar Path Lighting

Navigating your garden and entertaining friends outside can be a challenge without path lighting. All it takes is for a deceiving shadow to trip you up and cause an injury. That’s why solar path lighting is an excellent idea for your garden. 

It lights the way, provides plenty of illumination for guests, and looks stunning as well. You can either install path lighting yourself or ask your local gardening expert if they could do it while they’re tidying and weeding your garden.

Solar path lighting now comes in many different shapes and sizes, all in bulk packs for affordability. Many of them stab into the soil to tie in with your plants, while others can sit on the surface without any adhesion. If you’re looking for garden lighting ideas, solar path lighting is certainly one to consider. 



In-Stair Lighting

If you’re not only looking for garden lighting ideas but complete entertainment area construction, then in-stair lighting could be for you. While your labourers are working on the stairs, ask about the options for lighting. They can sit flush with your stairs, turn on automatically, or turn on when you switch on your outside lighting. 

In-stair lighting has many benefits. Guests who arrive after dark will have no problem handling your stairs, and it’s a form of security as well. The more lighting your property has, the less likely it will become a target of burglars.


Garden Ornaments

Cottage style gardens are a breath of fresh air. They’re full of beautiful flowers and ornaments and boast a rustic feel. However, when it comes to lighting, you may find it a challenge to find some that match that theme. Many garden lights on the market today are more on the contemporary side than classic. 

That’s why those with a classic, cottage-like garden may look at garden ornament lighting. You can buy the cute little garden gnomes, but with solar lighting inside. You get the best of both worlds – a new decoration, but a way in which to light up your quaint patio for guests to sit and converse.

Park-Style Lighting

An important part of al fresco dining is the lighting. You want to see what you’re eating and appreciate the sight and taste as one. That’s what park-style lighting can offer. Once you have your indoor-outdoor flow nailed, you can talk to your local lighting experts about how to install park lights on poles. 

They go in the ground or attach to your decking areas at various intervals, taking on the look of a vintage street light. These lighting styles are a preference for spacious dining areas with a need for plenty of lighting.  You can then link them together with fairy lighting for the ultimate appeal. 



Lighting is a must-have inside your home, so why do some homeowners place less importance on it outside their homes? Outdoor lighting can enhance your entertaining experience while adding value to your property. Discover the various options available, come up with your own garden lighting ideas, then get started. You’ll be ready for summer al fresco dining in no time. 

Zach White