Best Places for Hiding Easter Eggs in the Garden


It’s that time of the year again – the time when supermarkets and retail stores pack their shelves full of delicious and delightful Easter goodies. The smell of hot cross buns is wafting out of the corner bakery, and sticky fingers eagerly unwrap caramel-filled eggs with sweet and sugary chocolate shells. It’s not Easter without boxes and boxes of eggs lining the shelves, but it’s also not Easter without an egg hunt.

If you love celebrating Easter, then now’s an excellent time to start planning an Easter egg hunt to remember. After all, the kids are only young once, and the longer you can keep the magic alive, the better it is for their imagination. You may even find it encourages them to spend more time outside. 

If you’ve been shopping and have a basket full of goodies at the ready, here are a few of the many places in your garden you can hide them. It will be surprising if the kids can even find them all! 

Up High 

When your cherubs make their way into your garden, baskets in hand, on the hunt for Easter goodies, they’ll have their focus on the ground. However, why not make it a bit of a challenge by hiding all the desirable ones up high? Place one on the top of the basketball hoop, another in their treehouse, or even dangle one precariously off your perimeter fence.  

The goal of hiding eggs up high in plain sight is to make the kids work for them. They have to work together and put their thinking caps on to figure out how to get them. An Easter egg hunt can be both an educational experience and something fun to celebrate the occasion. However, supervision for young ones should be paramount. 

Hiding in Plain Sight 

Hiding Easter eggs in your garden is not about making them invisible. It can also be about being tricky with how you hide them in plain sight. Hide eggs wrapped in silver foil among your grey rock garden, and try to match coloured eggs with different environments. 

For example, if you haven’t yet done a garden tidy up, you can arrange green coloured chocolate eggs amongst your plants. You may also see value in matching pink eggs with some of your finest pink flowers. Hiding eggs in this fashion can make the process more of a challenge than merely picking up eggs with minimal effort.


Commonly Used Areas

Kids will always gravitate to the areas they often frequent in their yard, so make sure you hide plenty of eggs in these areas. Include plenty in the vicinity of their playhouse, one on their swing and slide set, and even some under chair cushions or other play equipment. 

If you have some particularly tricky spots, then make those eggs something of value – such as boxed eggs of their favourite TV characters. It will be even more of an incentive to have eagle eyes during the hunting process. 


Hidden by Nature 

Once you’ve run out of areas to hide eggs amongst your furniture and kids’ toys, then focus on the natural hidden spots your hedges and trees provide. Secure them under the leaves of shrubs, in the base of hedges, or hollows of your trees. If your kids love to climb trees and you don’t want them to shy away from adventure, then up the trees is also an excellent hiding place for Easter eggs. Don’t be afraid to use your surroundings – all in the name of encouraging adventure and exploration. 

Best Eggs for Easter Egg Hunts

The most common type of egg for Easter egg hunts is, of course, the chocolate variety. Most people select a range of marshmallow and solid chocolate eggs that are small and inexpensive to buy in packets of a dozen or more. However, you can also do better this year.

Consider bigger eggs that you can hide in challenging locations. Such rewards can be an encouragement for kids to challenge themselves and explore different parts of their backyard. Alternatively, you can invest in plastic eggs – with the goal being for each child to collect as many as possible.  

Some of those eggs can contain a golden ticket or sweet treats. If they get a golden ticket, they can bring it to you to exchange it for a treat of their choice. Such a method cuts down on their chocolate and sugar intake, but still gives them the thrill of the adventure.  

Easter is a fun and memorable experience for the whole family. However, you can make your Easter egg hunt even more so by putting effort into the hiding process. Challenge your children, make them think about what they’re doing, and encourage teamwork as well. The hunt can be educational as well as fun. 

Zach White