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Franchise Opportunities


Are you interested in your own Crewcut franchise? Crewcut offers the security of a $1000 income warranty, combined with the flexibility of being your own boss.  There are no hidden costs, and you can expect open and honest dialogue throughout the purchase process.  Read on for more!


Crewcut's Reputation

You don't stay in business for 20 years without getting at least a few things right.
Crewcut is built on a reputation of trust, professionalism, and integrity, and part of that success can be directly attributed to having the right people on board.

An old Maori saying goes like this...

He Aha te mea nui ?

He Tangata!
He Tangata!
He Tangata!


What is the most important thing ?

It is people!
it is people!
it is people!

The Crewcut leadership group of national office and regional managers lives and breathes this adage. Without the right people on board, with the right attitudes, and desire to succeed, the brand is worthless, which is why we have a robust selection, vetting and induction process for all franchisees.

The process

From the moment of your first enquiry to become a Crewcut owner operator, you will be dealt with in a respectful and professional manner.

The process generally follows the path outlined below, and can be as short as a couple of weeks, to several months, depending on the motivation of the purchaser and the ready availability of information.
  • Initial enquiry
  • Information pack sent out
  • Initial meeting  / Q and A session
  • Expression of interest form and confidentiality form completed
  • Background checks / vetting / Ministry of Justice checks
  • Franchise agreement disclosed
  • Follow up meeting to clarify agreement / sale and purchase conditions
  • Sale and purchase agreement reached / deposit paid
  • Franchise agreement signed
  • Balance paid
  • Training commences (up to two weeks)
  • Operations commence

Our ideal people

Over the 20 years that we have been in business, we have learned that great owner operators are not determined by colour of skin, country of origin, or even which rugby team they support, but one thing great operators have in common, is an eye for detail, and a high level of self motivation.

We look for people with a stable work history, that are healthy, and able to stand up to the rigors of what can at times be an arduous role, but most of all, we look for people who put their customers first, and are proud to represent a great brand. People with an eye for detail, and an entrepreneurial streak are almost guaranteed winners within our franchise system.

As a Crewcut owner operator, you are buying into a Brand and System that works. Processes that may seem foreign to you are designed to make your job easier, and your business more profitable, and you have the combined experience of some 250 other owner operators around the country to thank for that.


What is the Crewcut system?

The Crewcut System is made up of three components: BRAND, MARKETING and OPERATIONS.



Crewcut's brand generates confidence in the mind of the customer, and is the key to attracting work. The Crewcut brand is well established and protected by Crewcut Franchise Group Limited. All our owner operators are responsible for maintaining the reputation of Crewcut, and an organisation is not greater than the sum of all its parts.

Crewcut Franchise Group has invested heavily in Brand design, uniforms and stationery, all designed to accentuate our already great reputation as premium service providers.


Marketing is the engine that drives every business - it is essential in order to get customers to buy products and services. Crewcut operates a full marketing plan which includes strategically planned advertising, direct mail, signage and public relations, along with an ever growing social media presence, and of course this web page.

Crewcut never stops innovating, and has always been at the forefront of technology advances to give our "crew" a head start on the competition.


Our operations are based around a tried and tested system including a detailed operations manual, Health and Safety Manual, and a state-of-the-art web based client management, invoicing and accounting system.

Each area has a dedicated Franchise manager, who is committed to ensuring your ongoing success as a Crewcut franchisee. They have extensive knowledge of our systems, and processes, and are always available to discuss any concerns you may have.

Our sales leads are sent out via a centralised dispatch system, and this enables us to test and measure individual performance, and identify training / mentoring issues required BEFORE they start impacting on your success.

The information captured by our franchisees on a daily basis is used to test and measure marketing spending and growth, as well as ensuring the group is able to support each other.

Crewcut's Journey

David Serville began Crewcut in 1991. He wanted a low stress business that would provide a good income and self employment. As David's lawn round commitments grew, he realised he needed to pass work on to others – but he also wanted to ensure his customers were being well looked after. So David decided to set up Crewcut, and provide franchises to hand picked franchise owners (called "Crew.")

Crewcut now supports close to 250 franchise operators. Nationwide, Crewcut has over 10,000 regular lawn clients and several thousand garden bag customers!

The future is looking bright for Crewcut, with many exciting opportunities ahead over the coming decade, watch this space.... the story continues!

If you think that you could fit the bill for a Crewcut Franchise, simply email info@crewcut.co.nz or click here to request a free information pack.