Areas Serviced

·       Central Wellington


Services Offered

·       Lawn Mowing

·       Hedge Trimming

·       Gardening

·       Section Clearing

·       Weed Spraying


Jordan from Central Wellington’s Crewcut franchise is no stranger to hard work. If ever you need a helping hand with lawn mowing, hedge trimming, section clearing, gardening, or weed spraying; he’s the man for the job.

 Jordan is a seasoned expert with lawn care, but also boasts plenty of life experience in several other industries. He studied arts and media studies, trained to be a teacher and even dabbled in cleaning, building, and hospitality before he hit the books.

 He then ended up working for his father-in-law, becoming interested in lawn mowing for its entry into garden design. While he checked out other franchises, he settled on Crewcut – happy with the overall package the brand had to offer.

 He plans to work hard, build up his business, and gain a reputation for customer satisfaction. He has 108+ lawns under his belt and makes sure to treat every one with the same dedication as the last. At this point, Jordan also runs his business on his own – covering everything from the daily tasks through to bookwork and invoicing. However, his wife is more than happy to lend a helping hand as well.

 Jordan has enough industry experience now to understand the value in his work-life balance. When he’s not caring for his clients or maintaining his equipment, he’s playing in his band, going hiking, and reading. He makes time for the finer things in life.

 He also has a new understanding and appreciation for life in business. He believes you need to know your tools, understand what you’re getting into, and to be organised and prepared. He says a little bit of motivation and hard work doesn’t go astray as well.

 Jordan looks forward to meeting with anyone in Central Wellington who needs a helping hand with their outdoor area. He’ll have it looking in tip-top shape in no time.


Zach White