Robert. W


Services Offered

Areas Covered

  • Mount Maunganui
  • Papamoa Beach



From Mount Maunganui through to Papamoa Beach, Robert provides his lawn mowing service with a side of hedge trimming and gardening. After coming back to New Zealand, he ran a lunch bar making all the sandwiches for people coming through on their lunch breaks. Before he came back though he was a university lecturer at a University in Taiwan teaching Applied English. He also taught how to use a computer and write HTML. When it came to choosing Crewcut, it was a mix of enjoying the branding and wanting a physical job to lose a bit of weight. Now his goal is to stay fit and continue working until he's at least 75. When it comes to the accounts, he makes sure he does it all himself thanks to the knowledge that comes from his business degree.


When he finds the time and the weather is right, he loves to get out and go kayaking. He also used to do a lot of mountain biking, especially in Taiwan. Some of the skills he boasts include the great customer service he's accumulated over his working career, and even some pretty scientific grass knowledge. The first job he ever had was for the government, finding out what grass grows fastest to feed sheep most effectively. His advice to those who are looking at starting a lawn mowing business is to not be afraid to follow up with late payments. You’ve worked hard for that income so you should get it. He also recommends having a big breakfast before you start the day. That way it can carry you all the way through.


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