Robert W.


Services Offered

Areas Covered

  • Mount Maunganui

  • Papamoa Beach



From Mount Maunganui through to Papamoa Beach, Robert provides his lawn mowing service with a side of hedge trimming and gardening. After returning from Taiwan where Rob was lecturing in Applied English (including teaching how to use a computer and write HTML in English) while Jen worked in chip fabrication, they ran a lunch bar making delicious home made pies 'n sammies for hungry lunch breaks. With Rob needing to lose weight (too much pie testing), they decided a mowing and gardening occupation might help. When it came to choosing Crewcut, the clean graphics and fine reputation made it easy. Now Rob's goal is to stay fit and make it working till 77 at least, while Jen is busy as a Manager at the best burger chain in NZ, and saving for a world tour.


When they find time and the weather is right, they love to get out and go kayaking or ride their bikes. But mostly Rob plays in their garden while Jen chats to her grandkids or enjoys retail therapy at the Sallies. Rob's first job was at DSIR Grasslands helping find out what grass grows fastest to feed sheep most effectively; something he finds most useful as a Crewcut operator. Rob then operated sports goods retail stores while instructing PADI Scuba classes. Before working as an English language teacher in Taiwan, he studied IT,  business and education while working as a contractor in HB - participating in all aspects of stone and pip fruit production.  Not to forget some enjoyable times helping get HB grapes to vintage. Jen worked in Taiwan 's  IT fabrication industries before coming to NZ where she has risen to management in fast food, so if you love really tasty burgers you may meet her.


Rob's advice to those who are looking at starting a lawn mowing business is to communicate promptly with customers and keep your books up to date. He also recommends having a big breakfast before you start the day. That way it can carry you all the way through.