Robert. J


Services Offered

  • Ride-on lawn mowing

Areas Covered

  • Te Puna
  • Omokoroa
  • Bethlehem




Robert provides a dedicated mowing service to the people of Te Puna, Omokoroa, and Bethlehem in Tauranga. He is equipped with Sterling gear for the handheld equipment and uses a Grasshopper ride on mower as he primarily provides a ride on service. Prior to Crewcut he worked as a train driver within New Zealand and then in Australian mines for 42 years. When he got back to New Zealand he fumbled around for a bit doing bits and pieces but got bored and needed something that would keep him fit and going. Another Crewcut operator came round to his lawn and they got talking about the franchise and he eventually convinced him that it would be a good business to go with.  So when the franchise came up, that was that. His goal for his business is to change the way he operates. He would like to have someone that helps by going ahead of him a doing all of the edging and weed-whacking so he can focus on doing the mowing. Currently his partner helps him with bookwork so he can spend more time doing what he does best.


Robert says he isn't doing it for the money, he is doing it for something to do. He just wants to ensure it's run properly. In his spare time he loves to head down to Queenstown for deer stalking and pig hunting, and also spend some time in Taupo doing fly fishing. During his time with the business he has learnt some pretty good communication skills. Since joining Crewcut he has learnt how to deal with different people every day to see how he can do the best for them. He has also lost about 10kg and is now in a great rhythm. The advice he’d give to someone looking for a franchise is to spend time with franchisees beforehand to learn how to operate the business but also get some fitness before you go out yourself. It’s a good business, maybe just tell someone to have a look at your books. 


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