Mike. C


Services Offered

Areas Covered

  • Welcome Bay
  • Pyes Pa
  • Tauranga Central
  • Kaimai



Mike is one of your hard working operators in Tauranga who focuses on Welcome Bay, Pyes Pa, Tauranga Central, and Kaimai. With his self-drive Honda, Testarosa, Grillo ride-on and Husqvarna ride-on, he is well equipped to make your lawn look perfect. The last company he worked for was Fulton Hogan. Though they desperately tried to get him on full time, he knew he wanted to work for himself again. He used to own his own diggers up North and worked for himself that way. When he left school he worked in agriculture, mining, explosives and of course machinery operation. Once he figured it was time to be his own boss again, he didn't want to go back to owning the highly expensive machinery again. So through research he found that Crewcut was the best company to go for. His lifestyle block in the Kaimai ranges has been plenty of practice over time as he’s done all the work there that he will for his customers. Now he’s on his way to turning this business into a money making venture.

His dream hobby would be running a stock car with Crewcut sponsoring down the side of it. The ultimate goal is having a mini stock car that young people through to Mike's age can race in.

The biggest thing you need to learn if you are to buy a franchise is juggling the finance. You will learn about grass growth and different grass conditions but you need to make sure you’re looking after yourself as well. You also need to look for quality gear when starting up. If you can find the gear that works well, your business has that step ahead of the rest.



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