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Servicing the greater Katikati area is Keith and his ride on lawn mower. By focussing on mostly large properties like orchards, life style blocks, commercial and sections that require ride on mowing, he keeps himself busy enough. Before Crewcut he was a sales manager at a housing company for 4 years. He moved down from Auckland 8 years ago with his wife and for the first couple of years they had a bigger orchard. So he was full-time on the orchard and helping with his wife’s business. He joined Crewcut because as an Orchadist, he already had to do a lot of mowing. He already had a machine and loved sitting on the machine and being outside in the fresh air. It’s also important for him to be in control of his own time. So when he started looking for a lawn mowing business, Crewcut was the franchise that came up. He was sold by the corporate look, it was a good feel, and it has been really good since. Keith's keen to offer a service for small lifestyle blocks, tidying up, out of control areas, and orchards. Rather than them bearing the cost of owning a machine to do it once in a blue moon, he can be the solution to that problem.

Keith and his wife like to travel at least once a year. But the majority of his spare time is tied up in his own orchard. He comes from a lifetime of working in a suit and tie. So to wake up in the morning and throw on a t-shirt and shorts and then spend the day in the orchard is just great for him. It all contributes to the lifestyle he is working for. When it comes to important business skills, the one that will always prevail is dealing effectively with people. So with his experience from working with people in sales, on the phone, or face-to-face, and conducting the business in general, these skills all transfer well to a Crewcut business. He’s learnt in this business that it’s all about communication with your customers. They love to have a chat, and love to know what’s happening.  His advice to those who are looking into lawn mowing businesses is to talk to as many operators as possible to find out what equipment to use, and the pros and cons relative to the type of work you'll be doing. Before you jump in, talk to as many other Crewcut operators as possible, they are all happy to help!