Services Offered

Areas Covered

  • Waihi & Waihi Beach
  • Athenree
  • Te Aroha
  • Paeroa



John is the local Crewcut operator for a number of small towns around Tauranga - which he's planning to grow. He delivers his lawn mowing service to Athenree, Waihi, Waihi Beach, Te Aroha, and Paeroa. Along with his lawn mowing work he also does some garden work, hedge trimming and basic pruning. In his trailer he carries around his Walker ride-on, Ryobi Pro-cut push mower, and Stihl tools for everything else including his blower and weed eater. Before the move to Crewcut, he managed the farm for a Horse stud. This was a role he picked up after the big OE with his wife after 17 years of dairy farming. Though he didn’t start his career in agriculture, he spent 6 years in the Navy and also worked in an electronics store where he worked his way up to branch manager. Now that he’s with Crewcut, his goal is to grow the business in his areas to the point where someone will need to take over that town and run that business successfully. With a bit of help from his wife on the computer side of things, his business runs as smooth as it can.

When he’s not visiting the towns he operates in, he focuses on renovating his house. While it’s going under a decent amount of expansion, it takes a bit of time out of his week. Though he makes sure that at least one day in the weekend is dedicated to a game of golf. John also finds that common sense is a great skill to have, it can help with any problem solving he may come across, which there can be a lot of in this industry. He also finds that ensuring your communication skills are strong helps a lot in this industry. If you’re open to communication with clients you will be able to solve your customer’s problems.

When he started with Crewcut the physicality was very surprising. There were parts of his body that obviously hadn't been used and were definitely 'feeling the burn'. John also finds that time management is a an important skill you need to get the hang of. But most importantly it’s understanding the grass you’re working with. In his case with his run quite spread out, understanding the grass in different areas is important. Sometimes this means needing different equipment in each area. This will help provide your customer with the service they need. A bit of advice to anyone who is considering the lawn mowing industry is to understand the scope of work you’ll be taking on with the different services and to also be aware of the distance you travel daily.


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