Crewcut van and trailer

Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Garden Waste Removal

  • Hedge and Bush Trimming

  • Weed Spraying

  • Pruning

  • Section Tidies

Service Areas

  • Mount Maunganui

  • Arataki

  • Papamoa

  • Te Puke

For those in the Mount Maunganui, Arataki, Papamoa, and Te Puke areas, Gary would be your best bet when it comes to your lawn and garden needs. Your lawn mowing, edging, removal of garden waste, hedge and bush trimming, weed spraying, pruning, and overall section tidy-up needs can be all covered when you book his services.

According to Gary, he was attracted to Crewcut because of the company’s reputation for excellent service. He only joined six months ago, but he already has over 35 years of experience in gardening. He says he uses the best make Husqvarna tools to perfect his garden services, and thoroughly enjoys using his ride-on mower that enables him to service the larger sections in his area.

Before joining Crewcut, he also owned a rental car company, so he definitely knows a thing or two about providing consistent customer experiences and delivering good value for the money people pay. When asked about what he thinks his best skill is in the business, he has this to say: “My best skill in this area is to ensure that whatever service I provide is the best possible service and that the gardens look top notch.”

Gary aims to run his business successfully and profitably. While he is still early into the business, he’s already seeing the benefits and starting to notice areas where he can shine the most. “Customer satisfaction gives me a sense of pride regarding the service I am providing,” he adds.

Since joining Crewcut, he learned that there are a lot of competitors in each area. In order to stand out, he takes strides in perfecting the quality of his work and further strengthening his reliability. His advice to newcomers in the business? The need to account for the weather. “You may need to work long hours on fine days to ensure that customer requirements are met,” he says. 

When Gary isn’t mowing lawns and tidying gardens, he enjoys fishing and playing golf, so don’t hesitate to say “hi” when you bump into him anywhere around the lovely Tauranga area.

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