Services Offered

  • Lawn mowing
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Rubbish Removals
  • Tree Removals

Areas Covered

  • Kawaha Point
  • Owhata


From Kawaha Point to Owhata, Ken provides his services to the people of Rotorua. He is geared up with lawn mowers, a hedge trimmer, weed eater, water blaster, and his truck which allows him to do what he needs to do. His services include lawn mowing, hedge trimming, rubbish removals, tree removals, and even the odd job that comes from his clients. Ken is keen to offer other services that other companies aren't willing to do. Anything in the backyard is his expertise. His previous career saw him as a bar manager for 17 years in places like the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. He eventually wanted to change his career path but found that it was quite difficult to switch to something new at the point of life. When the Crewcut listing came up he realised it was his mum’s neighbour so he got to chatting with him and decided he’d give it a go. By growing the business the way he has, he’d like to use a portion of this business to use to get a new operator in the area. The hours he works are the same he’s used to, but now it’s during the day so he can spend his nights how he likes.


His next big goal is to get out fishing a bit more. He doesn’t care about catching anything, as long he is out there. The skills he brings to his business are his eye for detail and his cleanliness from his years working at the bars. He also has great people skills to complement his service. When he first started, getting his body used to the more laborious work was a big thing. But also learning the new type of admin, but soon enough he found it easy to work with it. His advice to new operators is to be all over your financials and understand your tax. That way when it comes time to pay your tax you’ll get through it with ease. Also, before you dive head first into the business, make sure you have a solid backing to cover you while you learn how to operate the business.


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